Highest Live Casino wins

Online gambling streamers are highly controversial figures, and this is because many are not genuine. They are instead using fake bankrolls to give an illusion that they are spinning slots or roulette wheels at £50 ago. There are genuine streamers amongst them who do win big and are not sponsored by gambling brands to promote gambling and the entire concept of winning – play Asgardian Stones free spins.

There have been some streamers who have won big at the live casino as well, but because of the question marks over the authenticity of the wins streamed, it is hard to judge whether or not these wins should be noted.

Most of the big wins that have occurred have been away from the live casino arenas. This is simply because more people play slots every day than table games and the law of averages throws up big winners and jackpot winners from the millions of slot players out there. Despite this, there have been some sizable wins at the live casino lounges in 2021.

Evolution Blackjack Winners

Evolution Blackjack is an extremely popular live version of the game that can be played on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Some of the tables are based on standard seven-seat Blackjack but Infinite Blackjack offers unlimited seating. This brand of Blackjack proved very lucky for one particular online casino customer, as they managed a huge Blackjack win in February 2021. The player only known as Salem M won $2,920,000 at a live casino on this game.

Close behind and on the same game came Sandeep K who managed to win $1,525,000 on this brand of Blackjack and this win was registered on the 22nd of February 2021.

European Blackjack Variant Winner

A UK player known by the initials HN played two different versions of Blackjack, Switch European Blackjack, and European Blackjack Gold-High Limit. From the first, they managed £646,581, and the latter game brought in £607,759 all within a week of each other. This win was registered at an extremely well-known UK gambling brand.

Blackjack churns out regular winners but not to the degree of the ones mentioned above. This game has the lowest house edge of all gambling games and you can apply a strategy if you have a talent for keeping track of the cards. This is sometimes called card counting, but it is not illegal unless you use a card counting device or are part of a card counting gang.

Poker Stars

Poker continues to be popular at live casinos and tournaments regularly throw up some big wins. Canadian Vanesa Kade left the PokerStars Sunday Million 15th Anniversary $1,514,920 better off in March 2021

Final Thoughts

There are far more punters playing slots than there are live casino customers and big slot winners tend to grab all the attention. The reason being is that slot game wins tend to be huge rare progressive jackpot wins that rival lottery wins, and this shadows what is won at live casinos.

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