Self-love is a step to a new level of happiness. Most of us are familiar with traditional masturbation techniques. At the same time, some of us have even gone further in our sexuality and engaged in anal masturbation through solo anal play or with a sexual partner. Your sexual life can be greatly improved by anal masturbation. This is because the human anus has many nerve endings, leading to immense pleasure through stimulation. Anal masturbation, if wrongly done, can feel painful and unhygienic, but it is just as pleasurable as other forms of masturbation. To get the best out of anal masturbation, below are some best tips to drive good pleasure.

1.   Explore Your Body

Understanding your sexual language and being accustomed to several sexual experiences need masturbation. Just like every other form of masturbation, you must explore your body and prepare your mind. Lustfully caress your body and romance yourself. Of course, it’s anal masturbation, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t touch your boobs, vagina, or penis. Explore the anal opening and understand how it works.

2.   Proper Hygiene

Anus-related sexual activity necessitates additional attention to hygiene. Without proper cleanliness, germs that naturally reside in your colon can travel to your mouth or private parts. This can potentially increase your risk of getting infection and disease. Before you start masturbating, ensure that you cut the nail of the finger you will be using, and wash your hands and anus with warm water and soap.

3.   Lube Is Your Friend

Prepare a lot of lubes because, unlike the vagina or the penis, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate. Not having enough lube can ruin the pleasure, which is why it’s better to have a lot of it on the ground. Water-based lube is the best to use because you can reapply it easily without worrying about clean-up. Unlike silicone and oil-based lube, water-based lube can go with everything you want to use it for without selecting which sex toys are suitable. It’s not sticky and lasts longer.

4.   Take A Slow Pace

Unlike other penetration sex, it takes time to become accustomed and comfortable with anal penetration. You must prepare your anus to feel good, especially when it’s solo anal play. You can start by rubbing the opening of your anus with your finger to assess how it feels.

5.   Touch Your Erogenous Zones

Although anal masturbation often leads to orgasm, extra stimulation of your erogenous zones might increase the pleasure. An erogenous zone is a sensitive area in the human body that can enhance blood flow, build arousal and sexual pleasure, and assist you in reaching orgasm. These sensitive areas are different in different persons, which makes the first point above very important. Common to all humans is the combination of anal and vaginal masturbation options. Stimulating your G-Spot will also enhance the pleasure that will lead to orgasm and concentrate on other zones like nipples, clitoris, and neck.

6.   Incorporate The Use Of Anal Sex Toys

Whether solo anal play or having anal masturbation with a partner, incorporating anal sex toys can spice up the pleasure. Small anal sex toys like anal beads are a great starter to move and feel more at ease. Sexual pleasure is increased by the insertion and removal of anal beads because they stimulate the nerves at the anus entrance, which also enhances orgasm. Your comfort level can be measured by slowly inserting the beads and gradually increasing them. You can also explore your sexual pleasure with a butt plug. Butt plugs, unlike other sex toys, aren’t just good for masturbation but also dilation, which makes them remain in place during sexual play.

7.   Anal Masturbation Position

Exploring different anal masturbation positions is a fun and pleasurable experience. Since there are tons of anal masturbation positions, try out different positions until you find one that is most comfortable and pleasurable for you. You can try the classic missionary, which opens room to explore other bodies and hit other erogenous zones. You can’t go wrong with one of the sexiest positions to explore your anal adventure – doggy style. If you want to try a next-level position, then double the penetration. This includes using two toys – one in the anus and the other in the vagina.

The beauty of anal masturbation is that the journey is just as important as the destination. You will probably experience some anal orgasms along the way. And even when you don’t experience it immediately, make sure you are relaxed and enthusiastic and enjoy everything the butt offers.

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