Gucci and Esports Grow Closer

Gucci, the Italian luxury fashion house, has partnered with the British organization Fnatic to enter the esports industry.

Fnatic boasts a roster of some of the most recognizable names in esports, particularly in the competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. Some of the CSGO gambling sites have made Fnatic a household name by consistently offering odds on the tournaments and events in which they are participating.

As a first step, the Fnatic, a League of Legends team competing in the LEC, inspired a high-end watch.

Only available on Gucci’s website, the watch retails for £1,150. It has an orange bezel and a black dial, and the Fnatic logo is located at 6 o’clock on the dial. The slogan of the game, “Good Game,” and the initials of the designer, Guccio Gucci, were also said to be reflected in the archived code when the announcement was made.

Fnatic and Gucci teamed up for the first time this year, with the League of Legends team sitting front row at the Milan Fashion Show while wearing Gucci apparel. Fnatic’s Partner Development Director at the time, Craig Santicchia, told esports insider that Gucci has long been a pioneering fashion house that encourages experimentation and risk-taking, much like the members of Fnatic. Both companies have made a name for themselves by exploring uncharted territory and challenging established rules.

The tournament’s organiser, BLAST, announced at the start of the month that they will be working with Dutch watchmaker TW Steel to release two timepieces inspired by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Even with all that Gucci and Fnatic have given the world, a watch wasn’t on anyone’s radar, as reported by Esports Insider. That’s why they’re keeping their fingers crossed that Gucci won’t just dip its toe in and then leave the partnership. They will always find the Fnatic information displayed on the watch to be fascinating.



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