Get The Ultimate Pop Star Look With These Hair And Grooming Tips


Today’s hottest male pop stars are not only making headlines for their music, but also for their overall look and sense of style.

Take, for instance, the members of BTS, who regularly get media coverage for their ever-changing hairstyles and hair colours: each transformation seems to coincide with every new music or video released by the famous boy band. Then there’s also Harry Styles, who has mastered the art of having fun with fashion. While these artists usually have a team of experts to help them get red-carpet ready, you too can look your absolute best with the help of a few grooming hacks. Here’s how to get the ultimate pop star look with these hair and grooming tips.


Have a good skincare routine

Male pop stars have become vocal about their skincare habits: men taking an interest in skincare and grooming has become more normalised over recent years. In fact, spas and facial centres have even created special spa gifts for him packages to encourage more men to take care of themselves and get facials, scrubs, and other treatments for clear skin and a youthful glow. Apart from going to a spa or a facialist, one thing that you can do to have better skin is to have a good skincare routine. Take a leaf out of Troye Sivan’s book: he uses an oil-free cleanser, a soothing face mist, a moisturiser, and rose hip seed oil every night to keep his skin looking healthy and glowing. If you’re just about to build a skincare routine, make it as simple as possible, and use products with simple ingredients. You can use a low pH facial wash, a toner, and a light moisturiser at night. During the day, add another step, and apply a layer of sunscreen on your face and neck to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. 


Don’t be afraid to change up your hair

If you’ve been stuck with the same hairstyle since your school days, it’s time to change it up a bit and experiment with different cuts and colours. All the members of BTS can serve as your hairspiration: they all regularly change their hair looks every few weeks or months, depending on their promotion schedule. Try a longer hairstyle, and use a temporary dye to colour your locks blue, just like Jungkook did for the music video of their new song, “Butter.” Then, after a few weeks or months, take an inch off the ends, dye it a delicate shade of pink, and style it with a dab of hair wax just like BTS leader RM. If you’re not into hair colour, consider making small changes, such as getting an undercut, adding curls or waves with a curling iron, or change up your parting. These little changes can freshen up your look in an instant. 


Add some fragrance

Some pop stars, such as Usher, Shawn Mendes, and the boys of One Direction have collaborated with brands to create their own scents as they’re fans of perfume. While you may not have a fragrance named after you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add perfume or cologne to your grooming routine. Pick a clean fragrance for everyday wear, and use it sparingly. If you’d like to wear cologne, hold the bottle six inches away from your skin and spray a single spritz on your neck and wrists. If you prefer perfume, dab a small amount on pulse points, such as the wrists, behind the ears, and the neck. 

Channel your inner pop star and look your best by trying these grooming tips. You’re sure to look and feel as though you’re ready to conquer the charts – and hearts – all over the world. 

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