Get Off To A Running Start: 7 Reasons You Need Running Shoes

Most people don’t care for their shoes while picking up a new physical activity. They pick up any pair of athletic shoes. They fail to understand that for every physical activity there is a specific kind of shoe. So, there are training shoes for intense physical training, gym shoes for working out, running shoes for running, tennis shoes for playing tennis, and so on and so forth.

Talking about running shoes, these shoes are designed specifically according to their intended use. You would be surprised to know that even running shoes are of different types, for instance, cushioned shoes for daily training, lightweight shoes for races, trail shoes for challenging terrains, and more.

Running shoes provide comfort, stability, and cushioning while reducing the risk of injuries. Moreover, they boost performance and delay fatigue. If you are still looking for reasons to surf Houser Shoes in search of a good pair of running shoes, we are game on.

Listed below are seven reasons you need to buy running shoes.


Reason #1: They provide excellent midsole foot cushioning

The first and most important reason to invest in running shoes is that they have midsole cushioning. Hence, they reduce the amount of stress on your ankles, heels, and toes. Plus, this cushioning works on your body mechanics and absorbs high impact, safeguarding you from back, hip, and knee pain.

This extra cushioning around the ball and heel of your foot makes running safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.


Reason #2: They offer better arch support

It is a relevant benefit, especially for runners with flat feet. Running shoes provide better arch stability while running. Even runners with high arches require arch support to run efficiently and prevent injuries.


Reason #3: They delay fatigue

As mentioned earlier, running shoes help reduce fatigue. When you run in comfortable running shoes, you do not need to over-work your leg muscles to move forward, as the midsoles take this responsibility. Hence, you save energy and keep running without getting tired.


Reason #4: They prevent injury

Running involves repetitive motion of your lower extremities. Hence, making you vulnerable to overuse injuries. Additionally, constant pounding and pressure on your joints further worsen the situation. But if you have a good pair of running shoes, you have nothing to worry about.

Running shoes come with a generous amount of cushioning that minimizes the impact on the joints of your lower extremities. Midsole cushioning and arch support offered by good running shoes help prevent stress fractures, joint pain, tendonitis, etc.


Reason #5: They prevent blister formation and dead toenails

Running in a poorly fitted shoe is like inviting blisters and dead toenails. The friction caused in the toe box provides leeway space for several problems.

Running shoes provide an excellent fit and reduce friction. Hence, reducing the risk of blister formation and dead toenails

Reason #6: They improve running gait

A noted benefit of running in running shoes is that they help improve your running gait. These shoes, by preventing overpronation of your foot, help in evenly distributing impact on your lower extremities while running. Plus, they guide your foot to a better position for propulsion.

Reason #7: They boost athletic performance

As running shoes are designed specifically for running, they include all the latest technologies that could aid this physical activity. The midsole technology and plush cushioning of running shoes provide you immense comfort while running.

Moreover, no fatigue and risk of injuries positively impact running performance.

The bottom line

Irrespective of whether you are a professional runner or run just for fun, having the proper armor makes the activity more enjoyable, efficient, and less risky. Hence, buy a good pair of running shoes and make the most of your runs.








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