Rapper Gavlyn explores freedom, growth, and healing in powerful new single Activities.

If you’re featured on Snoop Dogg’s GGN News, you’re pretty much a force to be reckoned with — and Latin American rapper Gavlyn is just that. Since the release of her debut single What I Do pulled from her debut record From The Art, she’s garnered a discography that features music industry heavyweights like Anderson .Paak, Dizzy Wright and Reverie, in addition to performing alongside the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Mac Miller and Schoolboy Q. Taking what she’s learned across her six studio albums, Gavlyn begins a new chapter with the release of her empowering and euphoric new single Activities. Inspired by the freedom, change, and growth that develops through our own healing journey, Activities is an ode to the ‘old’ Gavlyn.

1883 Magazine chats with Gavlyn about her explosive new single, growing through her music, and more.


You’ve been making music for over a decade now, how would you describe the way you’ve grown and developed as an artist over the past 10+ years?

I feel like my ear in general has naturally become more seasoned musically and lyrically. This has only pushed me to explore my artistry in all aspects. My process went from just being the lyricist writing to instrumentals to teaching myself how to make beats, recording myself, and buying a camera. I’ve hit a point in my life where I know what I want my videos to look like,  I know sounds that I absolutely love and what sounds absolutely generic. So being an independent artist for as long as I have been has only allowed me to nerd out on a little bit of everything.


Los Angeles has been incredibly influential in your artistry, how has the city and the creatives that live there shaped your sound? 
Being an L.A. native has definitely shaped me to be proud of where I come from. Being able to witness legendary local rap nights like Low-End Theory & Project Blowed which doesn’t exist any more has definitely shaped me and my experiences into being fearless and appreciating the knowledge that I absorbed coming up in my city . like actually going on stage and hopping on the mic at a local show just cuz you have something to say. ppl dont do that anymore nowadays your most viral rapper has stage fright.


What is the inspiration for your new single ‘Activities’?
The inspo for “Activities” comes from leaving my hometown, starting fresh in a new city, and embracing the change without a nervous bone in my body.


Was there anything that you did differently during the writing of ‘Activities’ that surprised you about yourself?
Rewriting my verse and hook actually lol I’m not the type to rewrite my lyrics for the most part because once it’s embedded in my brain it’s hard to turn it off but it worked out lol.


It’s a song that is essentially about saying goodbye to the old you. Was it cathartic to write? 
Yes definitely. Normally the kind of writer that I am is very personable and very tapped into my emotions. So at this point in my life I was going through a tremendous change moving into a brand new city so the cathartic aspect of that was saying goodbye to the past and being okay with it.


You worked with producer Hiku on the track. What was the collaboration process like?
I actually found Hiiku on IG. I heard of him through a band  I like, “Weapons Of Mass Creation”. I believe he produced a couple of tracks for them. So we linked through the DM and it was history after that.


What are some artists and tracks that influenced the song? 
I can’t really say any artist in particular influenced this song. This song was definitely influenced by my headspace at the time.


What 3 songs would you choose to soundtrack your perfect day? 
Siouxsie and the Banshees (Happy House), Isly Brothers (Footsteps in the Dark) and Smino (Pudgy)


Lastly, what can we expect next from you? 
All of the above, new music, tours and new beats and videos that may or may not be produced by me 🙂 GAVTRON 2023.


Activities is out now.

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