Gambling superstitions and signs of players online casino Australia

Australia is perhaps one of the most remote and yet intriguing continents on the planet. Europeans, Americans are little familiar with the culture of this country, because there is quite a bit of information about it in the media, if compared with others. Despite their «closeness», Australians are actually active, risky and gambling people. Therefore, the fact that there is more than one online casino Australia in the country seems completely unsurprising. This nation, like others, has its own signs and superstitions associated with the world of gambling. Some of them may seem strange enough for residents of other countries.

Black Cat

The attitude to the cat tamed a couple of millennia ago is different in many countries. This is especially true for black cats. So, some people believe that an animal of this color is a harbinger of trouble and failure. They try to bypass it and in no case cross the road along the trajectory that the unsuspecting beast ran.

However, in Australia, to meet a black cat is a great success. Some players of online casino Australia believe that an animal of this color is a harbinger of good luck (both in personal matters and in financial matters). The attitude to the black cat among the inhabitants of Australia is biased, so many even seek to get a kitten of this color. So to speak, luck is always in their home.

Prophetic Dreams

A few years ago, the Australian Internet was shaken by the news that one of the inhabitants of this country has been regularly winning lotteries for 10 years. At the same time, his last record was a jackpot of more than a million dollars. The Australian uses a rather interesting strategy – he sees «lucky numbers» in a dream and bets on them.

In fact, the attitude to such a phenomenon as «prophetic dreams» among Australians is positive. Many residents of this country believe that through sleep, the subconscious of a person can send him the right signals that will be excellent advice in everyday life.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for players of online casino Australia to have their own set of «lucky numbers». At the same time, often such numbers are not at all the date of birth or the date of a memorable event. These are just combinations that, for one reason or another, a person began to consider those that can change his life for the better.


Australia is a country known for its unusual flora and fauna. There are really many spiders here, and it is not surprising that many superstitions are associated with them. In particular, to kill this insect is to attract failure. It is unlikely that a player of online casino Australia, starting a new slot, will dare to take the life of a spider. Also, Australians believe that to kill a spider is to attract rain. Of course, this fact is not confirmed by meteorological reports, however, such a superstitious opinion is firmly entrenched in the minds of the inhabitants of the country.

Cosmetic procedures

Australians don’t just have a special attitude towards numbers. It is clear that, as in other countries, many players of online casino Australia choose their favorite combinations for betting. But they also have a special bias against some letters.

So, Australians do not risk doing cosmetic procedures (for example, cutting nails or hair) on a day of the week in which there is the letter «R» (this is Thursday, Friday, Saturday). And tourists coming to Australia are happy to use this prejudice for their own purposes. They boldly go to beauty salons, knowing that there will not only be no queue of local residents, but also hoping to get a significant discount.

Of course, there are other signs and superstitions in Australia. However, a professional and rational user of online casino Australia takes them into account rather than use them to build your own strategy for playing slots, roulette, or poker.



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