From Loving Your Curves To Safer Injectables: What Are The Latest Developments In Aesthetics? 



Research from McKinsey Institute reveals that during 2022 the global aesthetic and injectables market is likely to grow by 12-14%. That’s a huge amount. Let’s face it, many of us are often on the lookout for the latest and least invasive ways of looking younger, that don’t involve going under the knife, whether that’s for weight loss, some tightening aesthetic work ‘down there’ or just some simple facial rejuvenation.


More subtle injectables

Frozen face be gone! It’s the era of barely there injectables that offer a ‘well rested been on vacation’ look, that doesn’t disappear the moment you’ve been back at work for a week. Fillers that contain super moisturizing hyaluronic acids and that use spherical particle technology to penetrate the epidermis are the way forward. They’ll last longer and skin will be plumped up and volumized.


Lasers for feminine rejuvenation 

It’s not always an easy subject to talk about, but the loss of tone in the vagina can be an upsetting and unpleasant experience. It can occur during or after pregnancy and childbirth, and also as a result of body changes induced by peri-menopause and menopause.

One aesthetic treatment that can offer help and hope is the vaginal rejuvenation laser technique which uses laser technology to tighten the walls of this intimate area and stimulate collagen production. It’s imperative to only visit clinics that specialize in this, or women’s health issues and have a thorough consultation and check-up before you commit.


Body contouring without the operation 

Body shaping and contouring is aiming to ditch the surgical intervention as much as possible. Here, lasers are also being used to dissolve fat cells and give a more shapely appearance to the body. In some of these new techniques, light energy is used to dissolve away unwanted fat and allow your body to expel it via lymphatic drainage. Over time, this will give the body a leaner, more streamlined appearance, and all without going under the knife and an often long recovery time.

Similarly, these techniques can also be used to help with a loss of volume, too. To plump and fill the silhouette of the body and encourage collagen production. This is recommended if a huge weight loss has happened and skin has sagged over time and is particularly useful if you’ve been on a weight loss plan or following a diet and want to tone up.

Whatever your skin or body issue, it now seems there is a huge range of less invasive, non-surgical options on offer to suit a wide range of clients and budgets.


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