“Friends” in Misfortune: Alcoholism, Divorces, and Other Challenges of the Series Stars

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Detailing the journey of the iconic show’s actors: their transformations and trials.

Matthew Perry, 54

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In 1997, three years after the commencement of “Friends,” Matthew Perry suffered an injury while skiing. Doctors prescribed him the powerful painkiller Vicodin, leading to Perry developing an addiction. He underwent rehabilitation thrice — in 1997, 2001, and 2011.

Amidst treatments, he contracted pancreatitis, a result of his alcoholism and drug misuse. Perry admitted to not recalling a significant portion of his time on “Friends” due to this crippling dependency. He routinely consumed vodka and took pills.

As stated by https://zoomboola.com/, in 2013, Perry transformed his residence into a rehabilitation center, providing aid to others battling addiction. However, due to financial constraints, he later sold the property. In 2018, Matthew Perry was hospitalized in Los Angeles, undergoing surgery for a gastrointestinal issue.

Perry had intended to partake in the filming of “Don’t Look Up” in 2021, but ultimately withdrew due to health concerns. He managed to film a group scene alongside Jonah Hill, but it was omitted during the final cut. During that shoot, by his own admission, he consumed 1,800 milligrams of hydrocodone.

Shortly before the special reunion episode of “Friends” in 2021, Matthew Perry was in good shape and even quit smoking after several hypnosis sessions (he previously smoked up to 60 cigarettes daily). However, he required urgent dental care after biting into a toast with peanut butter, causing his upper teeth to dislodge. The dentist had to extract all his teeth, including jaw-anchored implants, and replace them with new ones. This is why his speech during the special episode filming appeared slurred.

In November 2022, the actor published his autobiography titled “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir,” candidly discussing not just his addictions but also his relationships with women, filming “Friends,” and numerous other personal details.


Jennifer Aniston, 54

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In February 2018, Aniston announced her divorce from actor Justin Theroux after a three-year marriage. The couple had been together for seven years, but their much-anticipated wedding didn’t fortify their bond.

“Nobody comprehends what unfolds behind closed doors. No one grasps the depths of pain my partner and I might feel. Few consider what I’ve endured physically and emotionally,” the actress confessed in a Vogue interview. “But I center my energies on my work, friends, pets, and bettering the world.”

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have children of her own, but she recently embraced the role of a grandmother, sharing a photo of her “grandson” on her blog – the son of her niece Eilish Melick.

In the summer of 2022, Aniston faced a wave of online backlash following her criticism of renowned figures like Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, and Monica Lewinsky. In a Variety interview, she remarked that one could achieve fame nowadays without genuine talent, needing only connections, a scandalous reputation, and a social media presence. Netizens dubbed Aniston, celebrated for her portrayal of Rachel Green, hypocritical.


David Schwimmer, 56

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Another “Friends” alumni experienced divorce, this time Schwimmer’s turn. In 2010, he wed Zoe Buckman, an English photographer 18 years his junior. In 2011, the couple welcomed their daughter Cleo, the first child for both.

By April 2017, the duo announced they were “taking some time apart.” Sadly, it didn’t mend things, and they parted ways officially that same year.


Courteney Cox, 59

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In 2013, Courteney Cox was betrothed. The actress accepted a proposal from Irish musician Johnny McDaid, and wedding preparations commenced.

However, the engagement broke, with McDaid apparently wearied by Cox’s challenging demeanor. Imagine, even Cox’s daughter Coco Arquette laments her mother’s overarching control. Yet, contending with Cox is not without risks – she boasts a brown belt in karate! Courteney admits the breakup was “quite brutal” but feels it transformed her for the better.


Matt LeBlanc, 55

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In 2006, LeBlanc parted ways with model Melissa McKnight, a separation instigated by his alleged affair with a stripper. From their union, a daughter, Marina, was born, who was diagnosed with developmental delay and epilepsy.

Now, at 17, Marina still receives abundant attention from her father, despite the couple’s divorce. In a decision prioritizing Marina, LeBlanc stepped down from his role as a co-host on Top Gear in 2018, a position he had held for two years.

After McKnight, LeBlanc dated actress Andrea Anders. Their romance, however, wasn’t built to last, and by 2015, the duo split.


Lisa Kudrow, 59

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It appears life’s been rather serene for Kudrow! She’s been actively pursuing her acting career, and as of April 2020, it was announced that Kudrow would star as Maggie Naird in the forthcoming Netflix comedy series, “Space Force.”

Since 1995, Kudrow has been married to advertising executive Michel Stern. Interestingly, Stern became her first and only love interest.

Just three years into their marriage, the couple welcomed their son, Julian. This pregnancy was cleverly integrated into “Friends,” as her character Phoebe became a surrogate mother for her brother Frank’s child, given his wife’s inability to conceive.


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