Five Places Guaranteed To Keep You Occupied When Away From Home

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For whatever reason it may be, travelling away from home on a solo expedition can be tough. Most of us need interaction with others and a hotel room can be a lonely old place alone. Sure, the beds are comfy, but where’s the comfort from your own bedding, bathroom and even little things like trinkets on the side board? It can leave you itching to escape.

Whether you’re away with work, enroute somewhere else, or even just taking a solo adventure, it’s the evenings which can prove the hardest. But, there are ways of perking yourself up and making them more manageable.

Right across the world you’ll find similar amenities and entertainment vessels that we all enjoy, so why not consider one of them? To help you out we’ve highlighted the types of thing you’ll find in almost EVERY major town and city…


The Cinema

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There are cinemas all around the world and it’s the perfect stopping point for an evening out alone. Films last a good few hours, and it’s perfectly normal to be sat there alone. The etiquette of cinemas means you have to be quiet, or you will face the wrath of other cinema-goers or security themselves. Therefore, even if you were with a friend, you wouldn’t be able to talk to them.

You’ll find all types of cinema around, especially in major cities, with giant multiplexes offering the latest Hollywood blockbusters, to smaller independent cinemas which offer more alternative and independent movies, both of which more than carry their value depending on the sort of movie you’re wanting to watch.


The Casino

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Like cinemas, you’ll always find a casino either in the centre of town or in a purpose built structure on the outskirts. They’re normally large complexes that have a whole host of slots, roulette wheels, blackjack and many other table games. Some these days even have bingo or connected bingo halls to them.

We’re seeing more and more crop up these days too thanks to the huge boost the industry has gotten with online casino games like 777 roulette, with millions of people playing them every day. Again, most casino games are one player so you really don’t need anyone to tag along with you for you to make the most of them.


Live Comedy

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If you’re struggling on your own away from home, then it’s likely you may want a bit of a laugh. While there are not as many comedy clubs as say live music venues or theatres, you will often find a number of comedy nights across the country. Some in venues specifically designed for comedy, such as The Stand or Comedy Store, while others are in pubs or clubs that have regular nights during the week where the latest and greatest stand-ups hone their craft.

Of course, if that’s not your thing, then live music or theatre performance may be more up your street, and again you’ll find theatres and music venues showcasing performances each and every day of the week.


The Pubs

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Sometimes you simply can’t beat the old-fashioned pub. It’s where many people go at the end of the day, young and old, solo or in groups. They’re places that welcome you with open arms, and it’s certainly a place you can use as an escape from a hotel room.

That could be to get out and watch a football match on TV, to sample a local brewery, or even to just sit quietly in the corner and get on with a bit of work or read the newspaper. The pub is a versatile place and you really can use it how you wish.


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