Five Creative Things To Do With Old Perfume Bottles

Apart from the nice fragrance, another thing common with perfumes are fancy bottles they come in. It’s common among manufacturers of perfume to pour in some effort onto the perfume bottle design.  Some perfume bottles are so exquisitely made that you don’t even feel like binning them after you’ve exhausted the contents. Examples include, Lancome Tresor, one of the best selling perfumes around.

The bottles are not just exquisite, the scent is also heavenly. If you can relate, there’s good news. Your old perfume bottles don’t have to sit around and gather dust anymore. Here are five creative things to do with old perfume bottles..

  1. Reuse as flower vases.

Perfume bottles are usually small. So, when we say you can reuse them as a flower vase, bear in mind that the plant or flower would be relatively small, usually buds. The first thing you need to do is completely empty the contents of the perfume bottles because it’s very common to have residual perfume at the bottom of the bottle. You’ll need a few tools but you don’t have to be a handyman to pull this one. Still, you should be careful so that you don’t hurt yourself while cutting the valve and metal around the brim of the bottle.

After gaining access to the bottle, rinse with warm water. To completely eliminate any residual smell, you might need to pour vinegar into the bottle and heat for about twenty seconds. Pour out the vinegar after about an hour and the bottle becomes ready for use after drying in sunlight. You  can place your new flower vase by the window, kitchen table, etc.

  1. Sun rays-catcher.

If you’ve got used perfume bottles, converting them to sun ray-catchers can be a fun way of playing with the principles of physics called refraction of light. Perfume bottles furnished with ridges or thick exterior patterns are excellent candidates for light refraction. Simply position them in the areas of your home, where rays of the sun shine through and watch the bottle display some sun ray-catching action. If you happen to have many bottles that are colourful, you’ll love the effect when the sun hits the glass.

  1. Use your old perfume bottles as candle holders.

Whether you are having an alone time in the bathtub, or a romantic dinner for two, your old perfume bottles can come in handy as a candle holder. They won’t just serve as a perfect stand for the candle but also to beautify the table top, where you and your partner are having a nice time.

  1. You can auction your perfume bottles.

Perhaps, you didn’t know, some people are known to collect rare, pretty perfume bottles, especially vintage pieces. In fact they go for quite handsome prices. So, think twice before you decide to bin that perfume bottle, especially if they are super expensive. Popular sites where you can auction or sell your empty perfume bottles include, eBay, Gumtree, Preloved, etc.

  1. Reuse the old bottle as containers for DIY perfumes.

Perfumes are easier to make than most people realize. Now, I don’t mean engineering it from scratch like an industrial chemist. However, with ready made essential oils that come with the fragrance of your choice, you can make your own perfume by dissolving the oil, a carrier fluid or oil. Examples of carrier oils include avocado kernel, coconut, almond oils, etc. The last ingredient is pure alcohol, which transforms the essential oil and carrier oil mixture into eau de parfum.

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