Finding the best underwear to suit your body type

There’s always a reason to scroll through your favorite websites or hit the shopping outlets with your friends and buy a few new pairs of underwear. But with so many choices, ranges, and intrusive thoughts to deal with along the way, it can be a little overwhelming to find underwear that feels good on the body and make us feel good about our bodies.

But it is possible to find the perfect combination to suit your body type and make you feel as beautiful as you truly are. All it takes is a few helpful little hints to get you started, and you’ll soon be taking care of the rest yourself!


What do you want to use this underwear for? 

There’s no wrong answer here. But it’s important to know why you’re buying this underwear to help define your search criteria. Are you looking to show off your assets for a fun date night? Do you need some support due to a large bust that’s beginning to affect your back? Or perhaps you just wanted to feel beautiful and accentuate a certain part of your body.

No matter what the reason is, we applaud your choice! But sometimes, we’re all a little guilty of sacrificing our comfort because we love how an item looks or feels on us. Bra sizing in particular can be very frustrating, especially when your size seems to change on a daily basis depending on which store you visit!

But comfort and glamour are no longer two mutually exclusive things in women’s underwear, which brings us to our next point.


Shapewear isn’t a dirty word anymore  

The days of women being subjected to restrictive clothing that’s stifling and uncomfortable are long gone. In its place, shapewear has been redefined, offering women of all shapes and sizes ultimate comfort and glamour at the same time.

From butt-hugging panties that help to lift and define your shape to seamless underwear that’s discreet and supportive, shapewear has helped women around the world to get more definition and form while slightly smoothing out the areas of your body you’d like to be a little snugger.

The ranges of shapewear now cater to women from all walks of life – pregnant women, women who want more support in their underwear, and even women who just like the comfort of a boxer shorts fit that’s a little tighter.


Consider the fabric too  

Just like our unique body shapes and sizes, everyone’s skin is different. And some fabrics may react to your skin depending on how sensitive it is. This can be difficult to detect, as sometimes, an item can feel great in the changing rooms, or have a pile of 5-star reviews online, only to find later that your skin reacts badly to the fabric as you get hotter during the day.

We’ve all experienced that frustrating bra or panties itch against red skin, and it’s usually a sign of poor quality synthetic materials. Try to always shop for those breathable fabrics that cotton shapewear and other choices along those lines can provide.



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