Hidden Spy Apps for iPhone: Which One’s Your Best Pick?

With at least several dozens of spy apps for iPhone coming into and out of the spotlight each year, an average potential user becomes easily overwhelmed by the variety and often gives up on their search halfway through. By focusing on the best iPhone spy apps that have been receiving consistently good feedback throughout 2023, we aim to subvert this iPhone spyware tendency – if not for everyone, then just for you!

Top iPhone Spy Apps: A Brief Look

  • mSpy: Unrivaled spectrum of GPS monitoring coupled with in-depth online behavior surveillance.
  • uMobix: A remarkably versatile spy app for iOS that boasts the highest features-to-cost ratio on the list.
  • Cocospy: An iOS spy app capable of delivering the most advanced GPS tracking at the cost of tool diversity.
  • xMobi: A uniquely powerful spy app for iPhone with the ultimate selection of ambient streaming features.
  • Spyic: A minimalist paradise that leaves any other monitoring app far behind in terms of simplicity of use.
  • XNSPY: Your phone spy app of choice if you don’t care about being discovered and just want full remote access to every bit of data on the target phone.
  • iKeyMonitor: The best iPhone spy app for those who absolutely need to track every social app in existence – also, the only truly free spy app on the list.
  • SpyBubble: A collection of tools designed specifically for detecting unfaithful behavior through certain apps and websites and other sources.
  • eyeZy: An undetectable spy app for iPhone that gives you almost the same level of control over the target device as the owner’s.
  • KidsGuard: A fail-safe parenting app for iPhone that will save you a ton of nerve cells during upbringing with its comprehensive feature kit.

Daily Use of Spy Apps for iPhone

If you aren’t entirely sure why you’d even need a spy app for iPhone in your life but are determined to keep reading, this section will hopefully provide some answers supported with sound arguments.

Stress-Free Parenting. Nothing makes young parents freak out more than their child vanishing into thin air upon acquiring the power of bipedal locomotion. As much as you might despise the idea of subjecting your child to cell phone handling at an early age, iPhone spy apps installed on a cheaper, older device may be your only hope of keeping track.

This is particularly true for the transition period when they are smart enough to find and rid themselves of tracking tags or bracelets but not quite ready to carry high-end tech around and expect it to survive for more than one day.

Transparency in Relationships. If it has come to the point when the coveted openness and sincerity can no longer be obtained by means of persuasion, you may rediscover the track to your alienated or furtive partner’s inner world using a spy app for iPhone.

As unromantic as the method may seem, knowing the unbecoming truth and acting with the full picture in mind surely beats passive contemplation or bitter mantras about things just having to be this way (they don’t).

Certainty in Your Employees. When you observe a sharp downturn in a subordinate’s productivity, you are essentially facing two options: confront them about it directly or walk a subtler, Machiavellian path by using a phone spy app.

As it often happens, your findings may reveal an aspect of their personality or an outside circumstance that does not necessarily entail firing or even reprimands of any sort. An honest talk can go a long way – and this is how you keep a loyal employee with the power of an iOS spy app.

How Do Spy Apps Work on iPhone: A Jargon-Free Explanation

While we do not promise this section to be entirely clear of iPhone spy app technicalities, we shall, at least, attempt to lay out the facts using the terms you are likely familiar with.

All the existing spy apps for iPhone are not exactly something you download onto your phone and then order it to hack into the target device. The process is actually reverse – it is through vulnerabilities of that device’s security that the app finds a way to snatch the data inside and pass it on to you.

A jailbroken iPhone – that is, one that has been ‘unlocked’ with unauthorized software – will accept an installation of such an application without much objection. A phone free of jailbreak is a different story: the only way to bypass its defense is by planting the iOS spy app via the owner’s iCloud. We shall explain how it’s done in detail in the ‘How to use…’ section below.

10 Best Hidden Spy Apps for iPhone: Specs & Impressions

Following the predominant online review formula, each of the iPhone spy apps featured here comes with a few introductory lines, a features list, and the obligatory pros and cons rundown:

mSpy: Uncompromising GPS Guardian

To compete in an oversaturated market, most of the top spy apps for iPhone successfully applied the focusing tactics, allowing them to specialize in one certain function at the expense of some other features. mSpy is not an exception, as it is undoubtedly the best spy app for iOS if GPS tracking is your priority.


  • The most advanced geo-fencing and safe zone GPS tracking on the market;
  • Screenshots and screen recording with programmable auto-triggers;
  • Remote options to block certain apps without raising suspicion;
  • Legacy operating system support possible with jailbreak.


  • GPS tracking module in a league of its own;
  • Detailed insights about the recent apps and websites visits;
  • Early adoption of new game-changing features.


  • No support of some messaging apps like Signal;
  • A somewhat disorganized and cluttered dashboard.

uMobix: Name a Spy Feature, and This Tracker Has It

The advantages that this iPhone tracker app has over other contenders almost feel unfair, and our list might as well just stop here. Requiring no jailbreak, it offers much more than other market contenders. Why the accolades from the get-go, you wonder? See for yourself:


  • Full access to the target Facebook and Instagram accounts as if they were yours (block users, follow, see DM, etc.)
  • Access to the target files stored in the local memory;
  • High-speed setup made possible by advanced data compression algorithms;
  • Unparalleled tweaking options allowing for total experience customization;
  • Free updates, often with new tools, as long as your subscription lasts.


  • 50+ spy features compared to the average of about 30;
  • Pricing on par with much less powerful spy phone apps for iPhone;
  • Client support via live chat 24/7;
  • Does not require a jailbreak to work as advertised.


  • Not the quickest response times due to the sheer amount of tools.

Cocospy: Streamlined Tracking Perfection

By introducing small bits of improvement in certain of the tools typical for hidden spy apps for iPhone, Cocospy manages to stay afloat on the market and actually enjoys a steady increase in its user base. Of such embellishments, you may be particularly interested in automatic activity logs that don’t let you miss anything and additional insights related to the use of the Internet.


  • 24/7 activity log with instantaneous updates;
  • Full spectrum of camera and microphone recording and streaming options;
  • Reports on browser use with visiting frequency analytics;
  • Improved GPS module with geofencing and ‘safe zones’.


  • Does more than average hidden spy apps for iPhone for the same price;
  • Some of the most accurate GPS trackers in the industry;
  • Unique messenger chat viewing options.


  • Some of the features won’t work on iPhone;
  • Customer support only available via email.

xMobi: Watch, Listen, and Track in Real Time

xMobi is a treasure trove of secret monitoring tools crammed into one neat package. This iPhone spy app specializes in ambient tracking and boasts the quickest installation procedure, which allows you to go from downloading the setup package to viewing the first results in about 10 minutes.


  • Full access to texting logs regardless of what app they’re in;
  • Advanced file viewer and editor that extracts files in their original quality;
  • Basic selection of remote control options – mostly network blocking;
  • Decent range of supported social apps, from WhatsApp to QQ.


  • Automatic activation of the hidden mode that eliminates the human factor;
  • Rare data restoration tool that lets you recover deleted media and files;
  • Goes easy on the target device, reducing the odds of being discovered.


  • Limited client support options;
  • Automatic subscription renewal that is turned on by default.

Spyic: Slick, Lightweight & Reliable

Spyic is definitely the best spy app for those overly concerned about the monitored person getting suspicious when they notice increased battery consumption and slower overall performance of the target phone. Using the metrics obtained with our in-house field test, we can safely claim that xMobi influences the phone’s inner clockwork the least. In addition, this iOS spy app isn’t half bad when it comes to the actual tracking tools:


  • Screen capturing that can be set to trigger automatically;
  • Obtaining social media interactions data with only a 5-minute lag;
  • A text spy for SMS and other types of written correspondence;
  • Restoring and viewing of deleted data via the app’s cloud storage.


  • Second best feature count for an affordable subscription price;
  • No jailbreak needed to use most of the functions efficiently;
  • Actually addresses user suggestions and rolls out regular updates and fixes.


  • Email is the only way to contact Spyic support;
  • No support for the legacy (6 and lower) iOS versions.

XNSPY: When Control Is an Absolute Priority

Are you not planning to be too scrupulous about covering up the tracks? Then XNSPY might be the best spy app for you. Don’t get us wrong – this tracker is perfectly capable of scanning the target device in an inconspicuous manner, but its true power (and unique selling point) lies in its remote control options – radical, totally visible, and uncompromising. Here are some of them along with the other tools:


  • Total access to all the phone’s folders and directories, including system files;
  • The ability to block, erase, and limit the use of social apps like Instagram;
  • Restriction of calls, Internet connection, and any other communication means;
  • Flexible notification settings that can be set to send you real-time alerts.


  • Unprecedented level of control over the monitored gadget;
  • One of the longest lists of customization settings;
  • A reliable cloud storage that won’t get suddenly emptied should you decide not to extend your license.


  • Can be easily spotted if you aren’t careful with remote control;
  • Has many tools that rather serve to make the target’s life harder than to actually spy on them.

iKeyMonitor: The Ultimate Social App Spy for Tracking Messages and Not Only

Not sure which social media and instant messaging apps your target is using for unwanted conversations? Better have access to all of them with iKeyMonitor! ‘All’ might be an exaggeration, but with 24 supported social media apps on board, including exotic types like Hike and Bumble, you are sure to stumble upon the one they prefer.


  • Keylogger with auto language recognition;
  • Geofencing with blazing-fast response times;
  • Customizable trigger list that alerts you upon registering certain words;
  • Gradual subscription upgrade system for every budget.


  • The only one of parental spy apps for iPhone with a real free subscription;
  • Beats any other tracker app for iPhone in terms of supported socials count;
  • Balanced tool package without favoring one certain tracking method.


  • Full membership won’t come cheap ($30/month in the annual package);
  • The free version is useless without installing on target phone.

SpyBubble: Cheaters Won’t Stand a Chance

The only spy app for iPhone that openly acknowledges potential victims of infidelity among its target audiences, SpyBubble positions itself as a perfect spy app for intramarital investigations and strives to back up this claim by offering a robust package of spy tools to let you start monitoring the target iPhone belonging to a possibly unfaithful partner right away.


  • Line graph representation of target device activities for more insights;
  • Unhindered access to local memory and the data stored in the cloud;
  • Real time notifications for when every second is of the essence;
  • Inconspicuous blocking and restriction tools.


  • Formidable selection of supported social and messaging apps;
  • The ability to monitor an iPhone in real time;
  • Poses as just another service app on the iPhone and is thus undetectable.


  • No quick way to reach the support (contact for only);
  • ‘Limited offer’ shown on the website is actually the app’s usual price.

eyeZy: The Quickest Tracker App for iPhone?

We’ve seen various tricks applied by spy apps for iPhone in order to minimize their influence on the target device system, but nobody does it quite as efficiently as eyeZy. Owing to some know-how, the developers now offer the speediest spyware on iPhone market. Speed is not everything, though, so let’s see what else is included.


  • All sorts of notifications, from launching of a certain app to use of trigger words;
  • Multi-purpose GPS tracking with a detailed log of movement history;
  • Viewing and blocking of unwanted installed apps on the target iPhone;
  • Access to bookmarks, history, downloads and every other aspect of browsing.


  • The best spy app for iPhone in terms of support (has an actual live chat);
  • Can be installed with only virtual access to the target phone via local Wi-Fi;
  • Costs slightly less than its direct competitors while offering more.


  • A very limited list of supported socials (5 apps);
  • Lots of refund policy clauses that may complicate the process.

KidsGuard: Best Spy App for iPhone Parents

Our list of best spy apps for iPhones wouldn’t be complete without at least one product designed specifically for monitoring your kid’s iPhone. Such market positioning shouldn’t give you the impression that KidsGuard can only solve ‘smaller’ problems and is somehow inferior to the competition. In fact, our final contender is an extremely balanced and polished iPhone spy app.


  • Four different ways to hook up to an iPhone without installing software;
  • Unique control panel to restrict the child’s use of TikTok and YouTube;
  • Sensitive words filter that can be programmed to send instant notifications;
  • In-depth analysis of the user’s browsing habits.


  • The cheapest spy app for iPhone on the list;
  • Data sent and received by the app gets encrypted on both ends;
  • Great installation speed and in-app responsiveness.


  • Contact form is (again) the only way to reach their support;
  • A slightly underwhelming list of supported messengers and socials.

Which One Is the Best iPhone Spy App for You: Selection Criteria

To answer this question in detail, we’re going to ignore the fact that we’ve just reviewed 10 best spy apps for iPhone from A to Z and assume you’re starting from square one. In that case, we’ll need to work out a system of criteria that will be applied to every candidate as we move along in our search. Since there are 20, we grouped them into primary, secondary, subjective, and optional for your convenience:


  • Compatibility. Ensure the app is compatible with the operating system version of the target iPhone or iPad.
  • Features. Assess the range of features offered, including call monitoring, text message tracking, GPS location tracking, and social media monitoring.
  • Customer Support. Look for reliable customer support options in case you encounter issues while using the spy app.


  • Data Security. Ensure the app has robust measures to protect sensitive information but will still give you access to any data you might want.
  • Pricing Structure. Consider the app’s pricing model, including subscription plans, trial options, and any hidden costs.
  • File Access. Check whether the spy app lets you access files, photos, and other media on the target iPhone.


  • Remote Control. Assess whether the app for iPhone allows remote control and data retrieval from the target device.
  • Geofencing Capabilities. If needed, check if the app offers geofencing features for location-based alerts and monitoring.
  • Alerts and Notifications. Consider using an iPhone spy app capable of sending alerts or notifications for specific activities or triggers.


  • Ease of Installation. Evaluate how straightforward the setup without access to phone is – especially if you lack technical expertise.
  • User Interface. Look for an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation and usage.
  • Legal Compliance. Ensure the app adheres to legal and ethical standards regarding privacy and cell phone monitoring laws, if any.

Best Spy Apps for iPhone: A Head-to-Head

App NameMonthly Subscription Price (Yearly Plan)CompatibilityFeature CountMoney Back Guarantee
uMobix$12.49Any iOS version without jailbreak50+14 days
Cocospy$10.83iOS 7 and up without jailbreak15+60 days
xMobi$12.49Any iOS version without jailbreak40+14 days
Spyic$10.83iOS 7 and up without jailbreak15+60 days
XNSPY$7.49iOS Versions 6 – 17.0.330+10 days
iKeyMonitorFree OR
All iOS versions, Jailbreak only.8 (Free version)
38 (Paid version)
30 days
mSpy$11.67iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak3614 days
SpyBubble$10.62All iOS versions w/Jailbreak4214 days
eyeZy$10iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak3314 days
KidsGuard$9.16All iOS versions w/Jailbreak2030 days

How to Use iPhone Spy App

Below you’ll find an exhaustive guide to getting started with spy apps for iPhone. We took the liberty of using the plural since the process doesn’t differ much from one app to another.

However, minor details may vary, so make sure to follow the instructions provided with the purchased product. Note that in this section, we’re using uMobix as an example and describe the process on the assumption that the target iPhone is not jailbroken.

  • Step 1. Purchase a uMobix subscription: Visit the uMobix website, create an account, and select a suitable subscription plan. Complete the payment process to get your login data emailed to you.
  • Step 2. Gather iCloud credentials: Obtain the iCloud credentials of the desired iPhone without raising suspicion. Desktop PC and Mac keyloggers can be a means to an end here.
  • Step 3. Initiate device verification: Log in to your uMobix account and select the “Add Device” option. Choose “iOS” as the device type and enter the iCloud credentials.
  • Step 4. Approve two-factor authentication: uMobix will send a two-factor authentication code to the target device. Enter the code on the uMobix dashboard to complete device verification.
  • Step 5. Monitor device activity: Once the installation process is complete, wait for syncing to complete, take a deep breath, and try not to get carried away with the powers that you now possess.


What are my chances of finding a free iPhone spy app?

Zero, if you expect these free spy apps for iPhone to perform on par with their paid counterparts. Let us elaborate: any mobile tracker, especially one of those dubbed the best phone spy apps, takes a ton of resources to develop and maintain. Spyware market, with its colossal competition, is simply no place for charity acts.

Do I need to perform a jailbreak to use the iPhone spy app?

The answer is always ‘Depends’. Some apps to spy on iPhone display remarkable results even without the procedure, but a little hacking is still needed if you want to unleash their true potential. Check the specs of the tracker you’re interested in to see whether it will let you spy on iPhone without jailbreaking the way you want.

Is it possible to locate a hidden phone spy app?

By using specialized apps to monitor the phone’s memory for potential intruders, any tracker can be eventually discovered. This, however, does not mean your target will ever feel the need to scan their device, and even if they do, they may still lack the proper knowledge to locate the best hidden spy apps.

To ensure failsafe results, follow some simple secrecy rules:

  • Don’t openly use an iPhone you intend to hack – wait until the opportunity presents itself.
  • Not even the finest app on the market can prevent the aftermath of thoughtless banter, so don’t let a soul know what you’re doing and why.
  • Never take on an iPhone without knowing how its security protocols work – at least in general terms.

Can I delete the tracker without target phone?

Thankfully, most spy apps for iPhone will let you exit the perimeter gracefully without leaving a trace. If we’re talking about devices without jailbreak, pressing a couple of buttons on the dashboard is enough to unlink the target iPhone from the tracker and cover up your tracks.

Jailbroken phones with manually installed mobile spy apps are a different story. Chances are whoever set the spyware on the phone left a ton of traces in the logs and system files, which will require a thorough cleanup, which most iPhone users won’t be able to pull off without a guide. Find one for the product you want to uninstall and then double-check for traces.

What does the law say about apps to spy on iPhone?

Regardless of whether you’re using the best spy apps for iPhone or some amateur hack tools, the legislation frowns upon any tools that allow you to spy on others. How do such apps even legally exist? Well, the law has nothing on you if you’re toying around with spyware on your own phone or have the owner’s consent to do so.

What are some iPhone apps that work without installing on target phone?

Let’s get this straight: not even the best spy apps for iPhone can be installed on the device if they’re not on the App Store (none of them are). This leaves two options: to plant the tracker using iCloud (all the apps on our list can do that) or attempt a jailbreak and risk total exposure and embarrassment unimaginable.

One App to Rule Them All: Final Thoughts

Though some contenders make steady steps towards claiming the throne, we confidently claim that as of 2023, uMobix still reigns supreme among the best iPhone spy apps. Its sheer number of features, coupled with reasonable response times and outstanding reliability, leaves little doubt that the app can deliver no matter what task you have in mind.

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