Feet Self-care: Basic Things You Should Do

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One of the best things that this generation has discovered and has also put into practice is self-care. If you are not the first to care for yourself, who else will? That is why everywhere you will hear people talking about self-love, putting yourself first, how to do the perfect skincare routine, and so on. But what about the feet?

Anyone would think that taking care of your feet is something simple, and the truth is that it is not complicated, but there are basic things that many overlook. Perhaps some people do not even imagine that there are self-care routines for their feet. There is nothing more pleasant than being at home, taking care of yourself, and giving yourself all the attention you deserve while also saving some money. In this article, you will read some basic things that you should put into practice to start taking care of your feet in the best way.

Wash Your Feet Every Day

There is a false feeling that as the water and soap run over the body and falls to the feet, that is enough to wash them. Although of course, it is not. Wash them daily! Also, it is better if you use neutral soap. You should take care of your feet in the same way you take care of your hands.

In case you want to transform the hardened skin on your heels to make them soft and smooth, you can use the Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair Line. Not only is it a budget-friendly line, but its products contain properties that should contribute to the cleansing and care of the skin of the feet.

And Speaking of Self-care, How about Giving Yourself a Moment of Relaxation with a Relaxing Bath for Your Feet?

Prepare hot water and add coarse salt, essential salts, apple cider vinegar, or baking soda, for example. You will enjoy a fantastic feeling of well-being almost instantly, and both your feet and legs will thank you. A ritual that will help you reduce accumulated tension is also perfect for promoting proper circulation. Remember not to have your feet in the water for more than half an hour.

If you take this bath at night after a stressful day and want to add an extra touch to this moment of relaxation, you can use the Kerasal Nighttime Intensive Foot Repair Ointment. That Kerasal line contains lavender and chamomile, which should deliver visible results in just one night. These treatments rejuvenate feet with a moisturizing formula and encapsulate the essence of affordable, at-home self-care.

Drying Your Feet Is as Important as Washing Them

Do not forget to dry your feet well after your shower or anti-stress foot bath. It is usual to forget this part as they may “dry” while you are getting ready after the shower. And yet, this is one of the most relevant tips that we are going to give you today. Dry your feet very well. And above all, dry the spaces between the toes very, very well.

Also, this may seem obvious to some, but never put on socks with wet feet, nor wear wet socks. Otherwise, you could develop an uncomfortable smell and of course, also develop fungus.

Eliminate the Hard Skin That Forms on the Foot

You can use a pumice stone or some special foot sandpaper and treat that area frequently. It is crucial to attack painful and unsightly hardness and calluses when the skin is soft, therefore, you should always do it after showering or having had your feet in warm water for about 15 or 20 minutes.

Hydration is Essential

Do not forget to moisturize your feet as often as possible. The skin is more elastic and resistant when it is more hydrated, so keeping your feet hydrated means providing them with an extraordinary barrier against skin infections, corns, and calluses.

Of course, avoid applying cream to your feet during the day at all costs. If you immediately put on your shoes and/or socks, your skin will not absorb the cream properly and will create a humid environment inside the footwear, which is not recommended for the feet or to achieve the effect we are looking for.

Protect Your Feet from the Cold of Autumn and Winter

Autumn can be an ideal time for foot renewal and repair, and for this, Kerasal has also created the Intensive Foot Repair Line, ideal for the at-home spa foot care experience. As for winter, it is advisable to wear appropriate footwear, preferably ones with rubber soles and greater insulating capacity than other materials.

Avoid falling into the temptation of placing your frozen feet near sources of very intense heat, such as a radiator, stove, or fireplace. Let your feet recover their natural temperature gradually. Likewise, if your feet feel cold at night, it is best to sleep with socks so that the foot warms itself, through your body heat and not artificially through contact with an electric blanket or a hot water bottle.

Massage Your Feet

Do you like massages? Your feet like it too! The feet are the base on which our entire body rests, with the consequent daily wear and tear, and, in addition, they are the container for a good number of nerve endings.

Investing some time in a foot massage and doing it regularly can bring us numerous benefits such as improving circulation, promoting sleep, reducing the symptoms of tired legs, or relieving pain and fatigue in the neck and back, among many other advantages. Try massaging your feet daily, before going to sleep, using moisturizing cream and applying it with gentle circular movements.


Having a self-care routine for your feet will not only keep your feet healthy and beautiful, but it will also make you feel better about yourself and more comfortable with your body. Spend some time caring for your feet, washing them carefully, and using products to pamper them. In addition to that, it is also advisable to find footwear appropriate to the season you are in. That will keep your skin in perfect condition. Plan your self-care routine and start pampering yourself!

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