February pick me ups

January was a tough month. Not only did we have a new and unwelcomed tummy roll to contend with, it was bloody freezing, we had a constant case of the sniffles and our skin seemed to aged years in a matter of weeks. But what really put the final nail in the January coffin was that we were too poor to do anything about it!

Which is why we should all breath a sigh to relief for February, or Fabulous February as some like to call it.  Ok it’s still bloody freezing and yes, we still have the sniffles, but we are finally out of the red and this month we can finally indulge in some much needed pick me ups.

Here are pick of the best.



The Treatments


VITAMIN INJECTIONS Glutathione Wellness Injections 

Start the new month afresh with an energy boosting Glutathione Wellness injection.

Occurring naturally in our bodies, this powerful antioxidant is essential for liver function, helping the body protected against illness, inflammation and free radical damage. However as we age our natural levels of glutathione decrease, causing everything from eye problems to lethargy, memory loss, depression and even neurological disorders.

Intravenous Glutathione Wellness Injections are a painless way to top up our natural Gluthione levels, helping to accelerate tissue regeneration and improve the body’s ability to defend itself against harmful viruses and bacteria.

Scared or the needled? Don’t worry Glutathione Wellness Injections are also available as suppositories and patches.



EPILIUM Obagi Blue Radiance Peel 


They say you are what you eat and if your skin’s showing the after effects of your festive indulgences (remember our skin has a 5 -6 week cycle,  so those late night Christmas tipples will only just be showing on your skin now), then it’s time to say good bye to the old and hello to the new…literally.

An 1883 favourite, the Obagi’s Blue Radiance Peel is an in clinic superficial salicylic acid peel designed to treat dull, uneven skin tone, breakouts, fine lines and mild sun damage.

Applied to the facial contours, following a full cleanse, the peel works overtime to exfoliate the skin for a fresher more radiant complexion.

Available at the French medical beauty clinic Epilium & Skin in central London, the Obagi Blue Radiance Peel is dazzling lunch-time pick me up with no down time that will keep your colleagues guessing as to why you’re so radiant.

Available at www.epilium.co.uk





SWISS CODE Hyaluron Serum £90

With it’s instant hydrating and plumping effects it’s no surprise that Swiss Code’s Hyaluron Serum has fast become a makeup artist and celeb must have.  Doubling as a primer and serum, this super strength formula contains concentrated hylauronic acid that penetrates into deepest layers of the skin forming an invisible film on the surface, hydrating the skin and reducing any environmental damage, for skin that appears instantly plumped and refreshed.



CLARINS Energy Booster £30

Doing exactly as the name suggests, this highly-concentrate formula has specifically designed to combat the effects of late nights, a hectic lifestyle, jet lag or even dieting.  Re-energising and reviving the complexion, while minimising signs of fatigue this brilliant booster can be mixed with your favourite face cream, mask or foundation whenever your in need of a pick me up, for skin that full of life and glowing with radiance.



PERRICOE MD The Fixer Solid Oil £38

With it’s breakthrough oil-gel formula that transforms from solid to non-greasy oil upon contact, The Fixer Solid Oil is your ultimate multi-tasker soothing everything from rough, dry patches to flyaway hair and unruly eyebrows.  What’s more with it’s proprietary Nrf2 Antioxidant Support Complex this nourishing oil not only improves the skin’s own ability to combat oxidative stress and environmental aggravators but it works to pre-empt the first signs of aging. A handbag must have.



GOLDFADEN MD Doctor’s Scrub £65

Reveal your skins hidden beauty with Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub, an everyday facial exfoliator formulated to visibly improve the appearance of the skin while fight against free radicals.

Using hyaluronic acid to deliver deep hydration, the added addition of crystals remove dead skin cells and impurities that congest the skin , rebalancing the complexion, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores, while  a blend of seaweed and organic red tea extract protects against free radicals with powerful antioxidants.



ESTHERDERM Vitamin E2 Serum £63

Instantly sooth sensitive skin with Estherderm’s lasted must have, Vitamin E2 Serum. A highly concentrated formula, infused with two very stable forms of vitamin E, this is the ultimate serum for hyper-reactive skin prone to redness and irritation, restoring comfort and calm, to aid the skin in combating the causes of premature ageing.  Ideal for skin suffering from rosacea.



EVE LOM Radiance Face Oil £60

Enriched with antioxidants including Vitamin C to help fight free radicals, Avocado oil to calm and soothe, and lightly scented with our favourite Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil, this delicious hydrating oil can be used whenever you skin needs a boost of radiance. We recommend adding couple of drops to our moisturizer or foundation to revitalise dehydrated, lacklustre skin.



111 SKIN C02 Crystallising Energy Mask  £125 – 5 Treatments


Cancel the facial and pick up a pack of 111 Skin’s CO2 Crystaling Energy Masks.

Harnesses state-of-the-art Japanese technology, this powerful energising and brightening treatment mask is the first application of Crystallisation outside of a clinical environment. Utilising a potent combination of high-strength ingredients to create carbonic acid, C02 is driven in to the skin increasing collagen production and accelerating the skins ability to repair, for a complexion revived, illuminated and tightened…who needs a spa when at home treatments are this good!



ST TROPEZ Self Tan Facial Mask £15

It’s amazing what a golden glow can do to lift your complexion. A lot cheaper than a trip to the Caribbean (and with out all the nasty UVA rays), St Tropez’s revolutionary tanning infused facial sheet mask will help you achieve a healthy radiant glow to suit you skin tone in minutes. Simply pop on the mask and leave for 5 minutes for a natural light glow, 10 for a medium tan and 15 for a deep tan.

Words by Alicia Irvine-MacDougall

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