Fashion Tips For The Well Dressed Man From Carl Thompson’s Collection

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Being well-dressed, put together, and having a chic style makes a personal statement about who you are as a man. We don’t like to believe that is true, but it is. It is usually a person that is not familiar with the world of fashion that will argue the point.


Fashion Influencer, Carl Thompson is the man behind the top 10 eponymous men’s fashion blog. Also the founder of menswear label Hawkins and Shepherd. He has shared some of his famous fashion tips, lifestyle tips, and grooming tips for men who want to look like they always have it together with us. These tips are great for men who want to look like they have spent a fortune on their clothes, even if they have not invested the money and time yet to create the wardrobe they want. We hope to explain why some men wear something and look fantastic, while the unseasoned dresser just looks like he copied someone’s style. So, let’s get started with tips from Carl Thompson at Lottoland.


Professional Tips

  • Pay attention to how your clothes fit – Why they wear it better
    • You have seen a well-dressed man in a quality suit with a nice shirt and tie. You go into the same shop and buy the same outfit. But when you wear the suit, it does not give the same impression. You assume it is because of the difference in your height, weight, or body shape. Nonsense. Any man can wear a quality, gray suit. It is a color that flatters all skin tones, it wears easily during the day and with a tie change, into the evening. The problem is the fit. A man of wealth never wears clothing that was not altered to fit his body exactly. Suits are made as a pattern. They are not finished until they have been adjusted to fit the purchaser. If you are wearing the suit without the alterations, you are wearing an unfinished suit. Shirts and sometimes even jeans need to be altered. The only thing that does not need to be altered is casual clothing such as golf shirts, polo shirts, and khaki pants or shorts.

*Note: If you have lost or gained weight since the last season you wore something, take it in for an adjustment. Don’t try to make it work. It will not look good on you, it will be uncomfortable, and it could ruin your outfit.


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  • Have a “Go-To” outfit
    • This is an outfit you can grab and go. It always looks in style, expensive, and right now. No one will ever feel like they caught you off guard. Carl Thompson’s “Go-To” outfit is a cashmere Camel Coat over a denim shirt. A rich, structured camel coat feels great and handles well if you are on the run. The color goes with everything. Don’t hesitate to pull it over jeans and a white button-down.


  • Look for bargains
    • Thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales are great places to look for deals. Often people clean out closets when someone has moved or when there has been a breakup. They may not know what they have. You can pick up some great deals for almost nothing. Look for accessories as well.


  • Save money with fabric blends
    • Fashion designers are going to tell you to buy fabric that is 100%. But 100% cashmere or 100% wool is very expensive. Instead, get an expensive look with a 5% cashmere blend or a 20% wool blend fabric. Polyester looks cheap. Most advisors will tell you to stay away from it. But, it can be very pretty. You can find some nice clothes that are easy to wear, low wrinkle, and comfortable because they have a slight polyester blend. Give it a chance. Velvet is a rich fabric. Mix it with other fabrics so it does not overpower your look.


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  • Repair, rotate, remember
    • One of the biggest mistakes people make is reaching for the same outfit over and over. It may be your favorite outfit, but don’t give people the impression that you only own one.
    • Routinely take your clothes to the laundry service. Have the buttons replaced. Check for tears, snags, and wear spots. Check for stains. Have the clothes repaired, cleaned, and ironed.
    • Take your shoes in to have the soles and heels replaced or repaired. Have them professionally cleaned, buffed, and polished. Have scuffs removed. Have laces replaced annually.
    • Do not neglect your coats. Have the same cleaning and maintenance done annually on your coats.


  • Do not over match or over accessorize
    • You do not want to look like a coffee table. Don’t be afraid of mixing things up a bit. Your tie and pocket square should match, but don’t get so hung up on matching everything that you look like you came in a gift box.
    • Go light on the accessories. A watch is a must-have. It should be nice and it should be your style. It does not have to be extremely expensive. You are not expected to wear excessive jewelry.


These simple tips will help you step into the world of fashion. Enjoy your lottery winnings and look like a million. You deserve to experience the best that life has to offer.







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