Fashion Show by Ziyi Wang: ‘Refused to be Defined’


Introducing Ziyi Wang, an emerging designer who is making waves in the world of fashion. Ziyi is boldly redefining the fashion landscape, showcasing that style knows no bounds. Her latest collection takes a keen focus on the plus-sized community, not just as attire but as a vibrant celebration of diverse body types. Ziyi’s designs serve as a testament to the beliefthat beauty transcends size, and style is free from labels.

Ziyi’s vision extends far beyond mere inclusivity. In her perspective, luxury fashion shouldnever come at the cost of one’s savings. Her fashion show features garments that are notonly affordable but also crafted from premium, eco-conscious materials.


Moreover, Ziyi’s designs cater to individuals with different abilities and special needs. At the heart of the event is the innovative “clothes trade-in” initiative. Attendees are invited to bring an old ensemble and depart with a chic T-shirt from Ziyi’s latest collection—a unique approach to sustainable fashion that ensures every piece gets the encore it truly deserves.

Prepare for an experience that promises to captivate and reshape perspectives. Ziyi Wang cordially invites you to her fashion showcase, where fashion is universally accessible, sustainability is of paramount importance, and beauty knows no bounds.


Show Information:
Refused to be Defined
15E 40th, STE 200, New York, NY 10016
October 30th, 2023
Opening Reception: October 30th 5:00pm-7:00pm

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