FAB CBD Reviews: Most Trusted CBD Brands 


While there are already many brands in the cannabidiol industry, FAB CBD has maintained a reputation as the top-ranking brand. With the popularity of cannabidiol products soaring, this brand’s mission is to craft quality organic products that cater to the needs of every person. It has one of the most versatile product catalogs with numerous options. Besides that, the company uses an effective manufacturing process to process safe and contaminant-free products. So, what makes FAB CBD products popular and why is this brand the most trusted in the industry? Below is a comprehensive review of this company, with highlights of its product lineup, quality and transparency, and customer satisfaction.


What is FAB CBD?

FAB CBD is a reputable brand and a trendsetter in the medical cannabis industry. Founded in 2017, this leading cannabidiol brand is known for its fabulous product line of  CBD for sale that appeals to the everyday person, especially those that want to use cannabidiol supplements. This company believes in formulating high-quality organic products that serve a specific intent and purpose.


FAB CBD: A Quick Product Line Up

FAB CBD uses the highest quality of domestically sourced hemp plants from Colorado. It has a versatile collection of CBD products with options for newbies and veteran users, each in different forms, dosages, flavors, and potencies. FAB CBD product lineup includes:



It’s the most sought-after cannabidiol product from this brand. The natural full-spectrum product provides an easier way of adding cannabidiol to your regimen since it is made with the highest quality oils. You can find the oil in flavors such as natural, berry, mint, citrus, and vanilla. Its strength options include 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 2400 mg. This makes it a beginner-friendly product option that’s also ideal for use by consistent users. A single pack of FAB CBD oil is affordable and costs $39.  To use, take 1-2 servings daily or as needed.


FAB CBD Gummies

They are tasty, chewy, and fruit-flavored treats that are ideal for use while on the go. Besides that, you can conveniently fine-tune them with your daily regimen. There are available in three distinct forms including:

Delta 9 Gummies: The melon and guava-flavored gummies are for adults of 21+ years. Each hemp derived gummy has 5 mg Delta 9 THC that’s designed to elevate your body, mind, and spirit. Each package costs $69, and in terms of use, it’s advisable to start to slow, i.e., half a gummy and then gradually work your way up.

Anytime Gummies: the premium hemp chews contain 25 mg of cannabidiol per serving. As their name suggests, they are suitable for use anytime, anywhere. This is a THC hemp product that’s made with CBD isolate. It’s ideal for use while on the go; take 1-2 gummies daily or as needed, and each bottle costs $59.

Nighttime Gummies: the PM chews consist of 12.5 mg of cannabidiol per chew. They are available in the acai flavor and feature multiple potent and natural ingredients that enhance sleep, e.g., ashwagandha, GABA, CBD, and melatonin. A bottle costs $89, and it’s advisable to rake 1-2 gummies nightly.


FAB CBD Topical CBD Cream

FAB CBD took time to research and manufacture its topical cannabidiol cream, making it a top-rated product. It offers the ultimate balance of cannabidiol potency, moisturizing effects, and a gentle scent. Thus, it’s ideal for treating joint or muscle discomfort as well as daily skin care regimen. The soothing cream is available in a 600 mg bottle and has a light, silky, and non-greasy profile. Its subtle blood orange scent and high potency cannabidiol hemp extract make it suitable for soothing your tired, sore, and worn-out muscles. To use, apply 1-2 finger-tip sizes of the cream. Thereafter, gently rub it into the specific skin area until its fully absorbed.


FAB CBD Body Salve

The full-spectrum body salve comes in 1000 mg (1 oz.) and 3000 mg (2.5 oz.) servings.  This topical salve offers therapeutic heating and cooling effect. It’s made with natural ingredients, including cannabidiol and primary essential oils, and features a calming scent. This is a full-strength product designed for all people from different walks of life, including active runners, weightlifters, or busy professionals. You can buy a single pack that costs $79 or opt for a 3-pack product which is slightly cheaper. This salve is made for external use only. Start by massaging it into a specific area of the skin for a few minutes until it’s fully absorbed.


FAB CBD Capsules

They offer a sweet and convenient way of taking CBD without tasting the annoying hemp flavors. They are ideal for use as a daily regimen and on the go since they come in precise dosing. It should be noted that dosing varies for each individual, but starting with a lower dose is often recommended if you are a beginner. These capsules have a complete cannabinoid profile with equal parts of CBN, CBG, CBC, and cannabidiol. Each serving of the vegan soft gels weighs 15 mg, and a single pack costs $79. Take 1-2 capsules daily or as needed.


FAB CBD Dog Treats

The fun and tasty Calm & Cool dog treats are available in the fun apple and peanut butter flavor. The pup-approved THC-free products contain natural ingredients that provide calming support and improve sleep quality and joint mobility. The 255g treats cost $34 per pack. Simply use 1-2 treats per day; depending on your pet’s size, you can break the treat in half.


Reasons Why Fab CBD is the Most Trusted One

Customers love cannabidiol products from this brand since it constantly prioritizes safety, quality, effectiveness, and overall customer satisfaction. Major reasons that make it the most trusted brand in the industry include:


Quality and Transparency

FAB CBD’s quality and transparency are maintained in the following major areas:

  • Extraction technique: the company uses safe and effective CO2 extraction, which is currently the industry standard.
  • Third-party testing: all products have to pass through the ISO 17025-certified ProVerde Laboratories. The Certificate of Analysis is usually posted online.
  • Certified facilities: the manufacturing process is done in FDA-registered and USDA-organic-certified facilities.


Great for Beginners

FAB nutrition products are ideal for beginners just starting their cannabidiol journey. There is a diverse product variety of CBD for sale, including hemp products for humans, superfoods, and dog treats. Besides that, consumers can choose from different product spectrums such as cannabidiol isolate, broad-spectrum, and full spectrum. FAB CBD products are generally affordable compared to other brands, with prices ranging between $39 and $129.


Customer Satisfaction

A look into the brand’s website shows numerous positive reviews. Overall, every product has a 5-star rating regardless of the number of people weighing in. It should be noted that the high customer satisfaction with the brand’s clear return policy. You can send purchased cannabidiol products within 30 days and get a full refund.

For common queries, you can find relatable information from the FABCBD.COM FAQs area. Support is available throughout the week, and you can directly call the headquarters or send an email message.



  1. What is the reputation of FAB CBD?

FAB CBD has earned a positive reputation among cannabidiol users based on its premium catalog of hemp products. It has a significant base of enthusiast clients, some of who are enrolled in the loyalty program. To sustain its position as an industry leader, the brand normally subjects all its product batches to independent 3rd-party lab tests by ProVerde laboratories. Until now, it has not been involved in any lawsuits or received FDA warning letters.


  1. How to buy a FAB CBD product?

There are several factors to consider when buying FAB CBD products. Consider the aim of your purchase and the effects you desire to experience. Check the product label to determine the ingredients, potency, flavors, and dosage. Make sure that you make your purchases directly from the brand’s official website to get value for your money.


Final Thoughts

FAB CBD is a remarkable brand that sells high-quality, organic cannabidiol products at cost-effective prices. The company’s list of cannabidiol products includes oils, salves, capsules, creams, and gummies. They are available in multiple forms, concentrations, flavors, and potency to cater to different consumer needs. It maintains its reputation by offering quality and transparency, which involves using premium manufacturing techniques and independent 3rd-party lab tests. It’s great for beginners since all the products are safe, effective, and available with user recommendations.

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