Express Office Portico | ‘He Said She Said’

Nottingham’s burgeoning indie-pop outfit Express Office Portico release “He Said She Said” ahead of their anticipated debut EP, Incommunicado.

Crafted under the guidance of acclaimed producer Joshua Rumble (Bastille, Black Country New Road, Anteros), the single boasts a captivating blend of melodic pop hooks, indie grit, and analog synth layers. Kicking off with a guitar-driven intro, the track swiftly builds momentum with pulsating drums, infectious basslines, and pop-infused lead vocals.

The single orbits around a vivid depiction of a lovers’ quarrel, emphasizing the importance of introspection and empathy in resolving conflicts. “He Said She Said” shines with its relatable lyricism and infectious melodies, effortlessly blending accessibility with genuine emotion. As the song progresses, it swells with lush synths and shimmering guitar tones, driven by emotive vocals and strategically placed harmonies that lead to an irresistible chorus. Its nuanced arrangement maintains an airy brightness throughout, allowing each element to shine.

Later this month, Express Office Portico will release their forthcoming debut EP which, like “He Said She Said,” will delve deeper into introspective themes, solidifying their signature fusion of pop hooks and vintage rock influences.

“He Said She Said” is out now.

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