Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

If you’re considering getting hair extensions, there are a few things you should know before making the commitment. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything from the different types of hair extensions available to how much they cost and how to care for them. By the end, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about whether or not hair extensions are right for you. So let’s get started!


What are hair extensions and what are they made of?

Hair extensions are hair strands that are added to natural hair to increase length, thickness, or change hair color. They can be made of both synthetic and real hair. Generally, hair extensions are sewn or clipped in place by a professional hairstylist and this method is known as a weave. Hair extensions in Atlanta, GA are usually sourced from premium quality hair stylists and salons who have been trained in the application process, so you know you’re guaranteed to get a high-end look with natural movement. The good thing about hair extensions is that they don’t involve any damage to the scalp or hair follicles. This makes them a safe choice for anyone wanting to achieve enviable hair transformations that are still low maintenance and effortless to maintain.


How long do hair extensions last, and how often do you need to get them replaced or refilled?

Hair extensions are a great way to instantly change your look without making any drastic changes to your natural hair. Depending on how often you wear them and the type of extensions you get, they can last anywhere from 2 months up to 1 year. To get the most out of them, it’s important to choose quality products, take good care of them with regular brushing and washings designed for extensions, and be mindful of how much heat you apply with styling tools. Most people need to have their hair extensions refilled every 8-10 weeks for continued fullness since the natural hair grows and sheds at a continual rate which may reduce fullness overtime. Refilling is important in order to protect the hair from potential damage due to overly tight pieces and also prevents a short life span for the extensions.


What is the difference between human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions?

Human hair extensions are made from real human hair and can be colored, washed, and heat styled as desired. These extensions add length and volume to one’s hairstyle without causing any damage to the natural hair since wearing them does not require heavy clips or hard bonds. In addition, human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic ones but their quality tends to be better and they wear much more naturally. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are usually made up of plastic fibers, meaning they cannot be styled with heating tools and cannot be changed in color without forcing damage upon them. While these are often cheaper than human hair extensions and still provide that desired length or volume, they are of poorer quality and do not give a natural look compared to their counterparts.


How much do hair extensions cost, on average, and what factors affect the price?

The price of hair extensions can vary significantly, so it’s difficult to generalize with an exact figure. However, on average you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $1000, depending on a variety of factors such as the quality of the hair, the method used to attach the extensions, and how long they are intended to last. The type of hair is also influential in the cost–human hair is usually more expensive than synthetic variations due to its overall better quality. Similarly, pre-bonded extensions tend to be pricier than clip-in options since they are designed for long-term use. Ultimately, shopping around is essential if you want to find a good deal on extensions that fit your budget and look great for longer.


How are hair extensions applied, and how long does the process take?

Applying hair extensions typically involves being able to create a braid or cornrows at the base of the scalp, so that extensions can be attached to the natural hair. The extension is then sealed at the base with a special glue or clamp and left to dry for some time. Depending on how strong the adhesive used is and how many wefts need to be applied, this process may take anywhere from one to six hours. It’s important to note that after the extensions are applied, they need around three days to settle and become easier to manage.


Are there any risks or side effects associated with getting hair extensions put in place, and how can these be avoided or minimized?

Hair extensions can be a great way to get the look you want without having to commit to a permanent coloring or style. However, there are certain risks associated with the installation of hair extensions. Potential side effects may include scalp irritation due to glue and harsh chemicals used in the installation process, hair breakage as a result of over-styling or over-pulling on the extensions, as well as potential damage due to excess heat when styling. To reduce these risks and any negative side effects, it is important to only use quality, professional products when installing your extensions, seek out a qualified stylist that can install them properly, and take care of the extensions throughout their use by avoiding excessive styling and handling. With proper installation and care, hair extensions can be a great way to achieve beautiful results without worry.


Hair extensions can be a great way to add length, volume, or both to your natural hair. They are made of either human hair or synthetic fibers, and can last anywhere from several weeks to several months before needing to be replaced or refilled. The average cost of hair extensions is $200-$600, although the exact price will depend on factors like the type of extensions used and the length of your natural hair. The process of getting hair extensions usually takes 1-2 hours, and there are some risks associated with the procedure (e.g., scalp irritation, infection). However, these risks can be minimized by choosing a reputable salon and stylist who have experience with applying hair extensions.


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