EVER – There’s Nothing Small About Talking To You – Track by Track

Emerging alt-pop musician EVER has gone from strength to strength with each new release, unveiling a different facet of her artistry, built on a warm blend of production, drums, vocals and basslines. 

Her latest EP There’s Nothing Small About Talking To You, a collection of six tracks drowned in nostalgia, familiarity and comfort is yet another showcase of EVER – aka Louise Smith’s ever-evolving, emotive pop sensibilities.

Recorded with joy and leaning into bolder, experimental sonics, EVER breaks down each of the six tracks on the EP – inspired on the whole by early 2000s childhood songs – taking 1883 through the inspiration, message and creative process in an engaging track-by-track.



I was scrolling through Instagram and every other post was some kind of ‘instatherapy’ account throwing endless advice and inspirational quotes at me, whilst I lay in bed at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon eating leftovers from two nights previous. It got me thinking how much of this stuff must be rubbish, and yet somehow the message behind it is kind of brilliant. I wanted to have some fun with the lyrics and celebrate the idea of putting yourself top of the list, unapologetically serving yourself first.


Natural Wonder 

Whilst writing Natural Wonder, I imagined going back to my childhood bedroom, little 9-year-old me and jumping around the room with the song blaring from my yellow Sony CD/radio boombox. It’s a song to listen to when you need a pick me up or a little internal pep talk. There are so many hobbies and interests I’ve pushed aside with adulthood because they don’t necessarily seem to have a purpose or an end goal, and I guess Natural Wonder is about rediscovering those things that make you feel childlike again – feeling lighter, more playful.


Sleep On Me 

I initially wrote Sleep On Me as a poem. It was only a few lines long and even that felt hard to write. The thought of making it into a song felt way too vulnerable. I liked it sitting in my notebook, where only I knew it existed. One day I was working with Goodscott and he played a piano sample that instantly made me think of the poem I had started a few months back. It’s such an intimate song for me, but ultimately I think the narrative is something most people can relate to. Love hurts, it’s ugly, it’s painful, but we all want it in our lives.


Catch The Rain 

When it feels as if so many things around you are falling apart, it seems instinctual to frantically rush around to put everything back together again, just as it was. What makes it worse is when you add denial on top, and ultimately burn yourself out by trying to stop others around you seeing that you are struggling. I wrote Catch The Rain right in the middle of this process, as a way of reminding myself to stop trying to save what is already broken. You can only rebuild from the good bits that are left.


4 Walls 

During Lockdown, I spent most of my days scrolling through endless pages of houses for sale all over Europe. It was escapism at its finest. This song is me fantasizing about a different life (hopefully my future life…) living in a tiny beautiful Mediterranean town. It’s something I talk about most days with my partner. Everything becomes so simple when we visit there. That pace of living is something I want for myself in the very near future. Fresh fruit, messy beach hair, stargazing on a warm night, growing my own veggies. Oh so dreamy!



On my debut EP, I wrote a song called ‘Indigo Sky’. I see ‘Soon’ as her sister track. I guess grief really changes shape as years pass by and there are so many more things to say as time goes on that I hadn’t felt yet, back when losing someone was so raw. I’ve always gravitated towards the sea when I miss someone. It’s nice to look out and not see what’s beyond the horizon and imagine a place where our worlds meet again. It makes me feel closer to them. The open-ended nature of this song made it the perfect track to finish the EP in my eyes, that hopeful excitement of not knowing what’s to come next, both musically and in life.


There’s Nothing Small About Talking To You is out now

Intro by Seneo Mwamba

Photography by Marcus Rexford


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