European food festivals for your travel appetite

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Food, wine, and beer festivals were all suspended due to the global pandemic, and now that the world has reopened, we can pick up right where we left off! The difference is that this time we have a renewed sense of pleasure and many months of suppressed appetites to feed. These festivals are where we explore our culinary palates on many different levels in an atmosphere that is equally electric as it is satisfying to our sensory needs. We love them! Our primary focus will be food festivals, and the others will get an honourable mention. A hint before we go further; why not buy your drinks from a supermarket before going to a food fest if you want a wider variety? The Aldi ad has a good selection, or find a beer fest near you for another unique experience!

Before proceeding any further and visiting any festivals, ensure that any applicable protocol is observed. That way, your experience at the food fest will not be a sour one. We’re all about ensuring that fun is had, so keep going to know which food festivals are the best ones in Europe.

Kooket Food Festival – 24 – 26 September 2022 – Bruges, Belgium

Graced by the presence of top Chefs boasting Michelin Stars, a high GaultMillau score, or Gourmand mention, you are in for an absolute culinary treat! If you can, you must attend this event because it is one of the top international culinary festivals of 2022. This food festival is so good that the last time it ran, it had over 100 000 attendees. The fascinating thing is that they serve small dishes paired with delicious wines or beers to go with the food so that you can fully savour the flavours presented to you.


Abergavenny Food Festival – 17 -18 September 2022 – Abergavenny, Wales

This festival was started in 1999 by two farmers in the quaint Welsh town as their livelihoods were threatened by mad cow disease. The festival has grown to be one of the biggest in Europe. Think of it like a farmer’s market on steroids festive, beautiful atmosphere, organic food – the perfect food recipe.!


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Oktoberfest – 17 September – 3 October 2022 – Munich, Germany

This is one of the festivals that transcends borders and is celebrated worldwide! It began with a royal wedding in 1810 and concluded five days later with a horserace. The following year, at the same period, booths were added, serving food and drink. Thus the tradition began with floats, parades, amusement rides, and other activities added to create entertainment for festival attendees. The festival hosts upwards of six million people, most of whom are visitors. Lots of beer, lots of people – lots of fun! If you are attending this festival, be sure to make you eat and hydrate with water before downing some drinks.

Many other European food festivals are worth mentioning, like Food Zurich, Exeter Food and Drink Festival, and the Csabai Sausage Festival. The festival you attend will depend entirely on what experience you want to have. Our advice? Attend as many as your time and pocket will allow.


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