eSports in the Media: Movies, TV Shows, and More eSports Content

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Maybe you’re already into eSports and you just can’t get enough of the content put out by teams and individuals. Perhaps you’re new to eSports but you want to learn about what all the fuss is about. The eSports industry is predicted to grow from a value of USD 1.72 billion in 2023 to USD 6.75 billion by 2030. eSports is definitely taking over and watching shows about it, or finding other forms of content is an easier way to


Watch Evil Geniuses Content

Thunderpick and Evil Geniuses have recently partnered up, with Thunderpick becoming the official crypto-gambling partner of Evil Geniuses. This provides more ways for people to gain access to eSports content. Thunderpick trusted crypto casino and the Evil Geniuses team have promised “exclusive content” as part of their deal which is exciting for followers of the sports team. This may come in the form of videos and interviews, to add to the existing coverage of the team offered by Thunderpick.

You can watch Evil Geniuses content via Thunderpick as the site offers live streams of some of the biggest eSports events. Evil Geniuses CS: GO Teams (Blue, Black, & Gold) will all be sponsored by the crypto gambling site.

Their partnership also promises more content for viewers including the chance to compete for exclusive merchandise, and even special events that people with an interest in eSports and gaming can attend. The partnership is relatively new, and Thunderpick join other trusted brands that have partnered with Evil Geniuses including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Secretlab, and Premier League team Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves).


Watch “Gamerz” to See What the Industry is Like

The Gamerz TV show provided a fascinating insight into the eSports industry, even though it is pretty old by gaming standards now, having been broadcast in many countries back in 2018 and shot in 2017.

There is a second series, which is much more recent, so the information is still pretty current. So, what is Gamerz?

Gamerz had a pretty simple concept, it had twelve contestants who lived together in a “Big Brother” style house. They played CS: GO and during their time living together they had to face off against each other to prove who were the better players. The promised prize was a pro gaming contract.

Once the last five had been named, they moved back to their homes and continued to receive guidance from Oskar Holm, who is known as a pioneer of CS: GO online. There was some backlash as people perceived the gaming show to have “abandoned” its winners, but this wasn’t strictly true, and now there is a second series of Gamerz featuring new hopefuls.


Explore ‘Free to Play’ on Netflix

Netflix has some fascinating documentaries streaming on their service, and Free to Play is an eSports documentary that focuses on Dota 2. It is another show that has aged somewhat as it was made back in 2014, but the site is still interesting and even inspirational for those interested in pro gaming.

The show follows three gamers, Benedict “Hyhy” Lim, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, and Clinton “Fear” Loomis as they head toward a tournament with a $1 million prize hoping to become some of the most successful eSports stars out there.

Free to Play is an access-all-areas style documentary and it shows a lot of different aspects of the gamers’ lives. The players involved have made a lot of money between them, and Clinton Loomis has since gone on to win over $2 million playing Dota. However, the documentary does a good job of showing that some gamers are still stigmatized and that there are some huge challenges in this career path, too.


Follow OpTic Gaming on YouTube

OpTic Gaming is a huge eSports team with a huge history, having started in 2006.

One of the great ways that people can see eSports content is to follow these huge brands. OpTic is certainly one of the best on YouTube when it comes to showing behind-the-scenes content. OpTic’s success has largely come in the Call of Duty game, but they have also put teams through Halo, APEX Legends, Rocket League, and more.

In 2022, they put out a video called “WE WON A VALORANT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” which is a 44-minute documentary, well worth watching for fans of the game and those interested in the eSports industry, It has almost half a million views.



eSports is already a mainstream form of entertainment with millions of people watching some of the biggest events in the world of eSports, but the industry is continuing to grow. The League of Legends final has seen in excess of 5 million viewers logging in to watch their favorite teams.

This all means there are plenty of content creators, including those blogging, creating YouTube videos, and promoting eSports by making interesting content. Plus, big companies like the BBC and Netflix have also made shows about the industry. There’s plenty of content for enthusiasts to check out.


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