ENTANGLED by Soo Hahn – Video Premiere

Director Soo Hahn joins forces with electronic producer T. Harding for the euphoric dance film, ENTANGLED.

To look at the relationships we have with others is to look at the relationship we have with ourselves. It’s something that is visually depicted in ENTANGLED. The film is crafted by Korean film and art director Soo Hahn, known for their work on projects like Elton John x Britney Spears x Joel Corry, and choreographed by Xristina Pompona to show a journey between two dancers stuck in a turbulent and difficult duet as they navigate the oppression they are internally struggling with.


Buoyed by the electronic score by London-based producer T. Harding, ENTANGLED is an exploration of the inner psyche through music and dance that, through self-movement, shows two people grappling with their own agency. The collaboration of Hahn and Harding is the latter’s first venture into scoring, working closely to understand Hahn’s visions for the film. Captured in black and white, viewers watch as the two dancers interweave into one another and just as quickly find themselves gasping for air, pulled apart by what’s plaguing their own mind, preventing them from being happy.

There is a victim-blaming culture of questioning why a person is unable to allow themselves to live a fulfilled, happy life. ENTANGLED focuses on the ‘why’ in that question,” Soo Hahn states when asked about the film. “Whether you have your own demons stopping you from being happy, or there’s a social construct that actively oppresses you, I don’t believe that we can often blame the individual for their inability to be happy.’ I wanted to visually explore the complications behind the inability to simply free ourselves.”


ENTANGLED the film is out now.


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