Ensuring Top Quality with Third-party Inspection for Hardware and Tools

EC global inspection is a global brand, a hardware and tools third-party inspection company aimed at helping companies maintain quality through premium all-inclusive services.

Established in 2017, we are on a mission to give customers quality inspection service in several areas. We offer inspection services, factory audits, container monitoring, testing, certification, training, and more. With a service scope of more than 29 categories in the entire industry, we provide customers with technical support. Our services are provided with maximum accuracy, highest efficiency, and effectiveness.

It has always been our driving force for our constant progress to provide better services and improve product quality for your customers. Our workflow and operating procedures assist the customers in ensuring that their products conform to the requirements of the government, industrial field, and purchasers. We are also devoted to executing customer-based concepts and philosophies to improve efficiency and provide value-added services.


Importance of Third-party Inspection for Hardware and Tools

Third-party inspection is when a sovereign company, not involved in either manufacturing, buying, or selling, guarantees the quality shipping of products. These products range from hardware, tools, appliances, textiles, food, etc. According to studies, over 80% of goods are returned by customers due to being in bad shape, broken, damaged, or of bad quality when received. We provide a structure to ensure customers never experience any of these ills. Some of the reasons businesses should perform third-party inspections include:


Authentic Analysis

Third-party quality inspectors are associated with neither the factories nor your company so they will be able to provide an accurate and authentic report. This way, you receive the right product and quality you ordered.


Professional Inspectors

Third-party inspectors are trained professionals with years of experience and qualifications in various industries. As experts, they know what to look for during inspection and work with speed and efficiency. Here at EC Global, we offer on-site training to our staff to prepare them for the task ahead in ensuring excellent performance in the field.


Cost Effective

If the order is not high in quantity or volume, it is advised to hire a third-party inspection company as this will help lower costs. The inspection company is resident in the city or country so it is easy for them to visit the factories at any time in the production process and you’ll only pay “man-days” spent. With EC global company’s offices around China and overseas it is easy to build strong relationships locally and internationally.


Customer Satisfaction

When orders are inspected, it helps customers receive quality goods and there’s no need for recalls. If your products are consistent in quality, customers become loyal and boost your sales.


Common Issues that Arise in These Products & How EC Global Helps

Damage During Transit

This can occur due to so many reasons such as careless handling, bad weather, improper packing .etc. This is a constant problem for customers who order products like hardware and tools. Our experienced agents have proper inspection and packaging knowledge that help reduce the risk of damage.


Lack of Knowledge About International Shipping

When you have no knowledge or whatsoever about international shipping you tend to make a lot of mistakes, some of which might cost you money dearly.  Other times you just receive a lot of goods that are not useful to you. The best way to achieve success in smooth shipping is to work with a third-party inspection company that is experienced and has high ratings. This is where we come in. Our sole purpose at EC is to ensure smooth shipping around the globe. Our agents are ready to guide you and help you through every process.


Loss of Shipment

Losing shipment is a common problem in overseas purchases. This can happen due to the inadequacies of the inspection company or from poor security at shipping companies. With our code of service, our employees are vigilant in ensuring customers get exactly what they ordered in the right quality and quantity.


Documentation Error

This can occur if you or the company do not fill out the paperwork correctly. As a result of this error, mistakes like shipping to the wrong address or location can happen. At EC Global Inspection, we have easy-to-understand forms and ready staff at hand to help with whatever questions you might have. We operate a quality system, to aid our customers in the shipping process. You can count on us to deliver in the best way possible.


Not Tracking Shipment

When working with an experienced shipping company, one benefit is that you get to know the location of your products while being shipped for delivery. Unfortunately, most customers can only wait in hopes that their orders get to them in one piece. With our system, we can operate with proper logistics and monitor your goods to make sure nothing goes wrong.


Benefits of Working with EC

Some of the reasons you should work with us in ensuring top quality for your hardware and tools from the suppliers include:

  • Access to trained inspectors.
  • Quality system audit.
  • Factory audit counseling.
  • Effective supervision in any category or field.
  • In-warehouse inspection.
  • Supplier Credit Evaluation.
  • Factory Assessment.


In summary, EC Global Inspection’s hardware and tools inspection services are essential for ensuring the quality and safety of your products. Working with us will help you benefit from our expertise, advanced tools, and techniques. We are committed to helping you improve your manufacturing processes. Our operations in China and overseas include helping thousands of brands and manufacturers achieve excellence. EC Global Inspection provides top-notch supply chain compliance solutions that guarantee high-quality products from suppliers all over the globe. Contact us today to learn more about our hardware and tools inspection services.

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