Twin sister duo El’Vee celebrate the stunning sounds of Africa in their new EP, U.A.R.

For the larger public in North America and the UK, we can get used to our music knowledge existing within a bubble of radio hits and the same genres, forgetting that there is a world of sonics just waiting to be celebrated. The new EP by sister duo El’Vee does just that. U.A.R, akaUnapologetic African Rhythms, embodies African roots and culture, celebrating the sounds, rhythms, and power that ripples throughout the continent.

Speaking with 1883 Magazine, the sisters chat about their new EP, their beginnings in music, and more.


What was it about music that made you want to pursue it as a career? Did you always want to do it together as siblings?

We’ve always loved music, as we grew up singing in church. Music has always been something that helped to uplift our spirit when we’re down. We always enjoyed singing together as siblings, because we could sing in different harmonies, that just sounds great.


U.A.R (Unapologetic African Rhythms) is a celebration of Africa. What did you learn about yourselves while writing and recording it?

We learnt that we were even more resilient than we thought and tenacious. We were recording this body of work whilst planning our dad’s funeral and the team of people who came together to work with us on this, totally embodied the African spirit. We stick together during good and bad times and that’s a celebration.


It’s quite an honest and open EP, are you ever hesitant about exposing yourself through song writing or is it a form of therapy for you?

Even though it is a form of therapy, we did still feel hesitant about being too open. However, our goal is to create music that is relatable, that is evoking and one that one can truly vibe to. So, we put all those emotions into the music.


What are some artists and tracks that influenced the EP? 

Tracks like Orere-Elejigbo by the Lijadu sisters, Oriental brothers, and our influence by the culture, being Nigerian and British really came through in the Ep


What do you hope people take away from the EP?

We want people to take away the diversity, that we bring to Afrobeat’s, a sense of liberation to be free and most importantly a celebration. They should definitely have fun listening to all the records. 


What are some of the themes that tie the entire EP together as a whole?

Themes of Love, Culture, Identity, Sensuality and Femininity tie the Ep together.


Since this is your debut EP, was it difficult to decide what songs would be on it?

Yes, it was, but making it a 7 track Ep meant that we could put enough. So that was a resolution. 


Lastly, if you could manifest something for yourself this year, what would it be?

We manifest that this Ep breaks records with billions of streams worldwide and this Ep gives us the financial freedom and ability to continue to do all the things we love to do creatively.


U.A.R is out now.

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