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Since taking the leap to go solo, Drew Thomas has continued to trailblaze his way into the alternative scene, and his latest offering All My Friends showcases his anthemic ability at its finest … 

Reverberating with his passion for feel-good rhythms and resonating chronicles, Drew Thomas continues to build momentum and make waves across the alternative genre. Charging back into scene with his new single All My Friends, Drew’s ability to turn authenticity into anthems makes him one to keep a close eye on. 

Following the release of his new single, 1883 Magazine chats with the emerging singer-songwriter about the compelling themes behind this latest release, his highlights since going solo, and what he hopes All My Friends will inspire others to feel … 



Hey Drew! Congratulations on the release of your new single All My Friends. What a tune! Before we delve into the release itself, could you tell us a little more about how you first got into music? 

Thank you! I got into making music when I was a teenager – I’d love music since I was little but it took me until I was about 13 years old to realise it was actually something I could do as a ‘job’. It all started with some very basic pop songs on my mum’s old classical guitar but it wasn’t long until I started my first band and started playing shows.


You took the leap to go solo back in 2018. How has the shift from performing in bands to going solo been? Any highlights so far?

The shift was really hard if I’m honest. When I first went solo, I tried to do the opposite of everything I was doing in a band so stripped my songs back completely to just my vocal and piano. I played SO MANY acoustic shows which was great because it really exposed my song-writing and helped me to be a better writer. Recently, I’ve got a live band back and it feels amazing but I definitely had to pull it all back to know the kind of artist I was deep down.


All My Friends is a truly awesome anthem! When did you first start writing and producing your new single? How did the creative process come together? 

All My Friends is a song I didn’t really think I’d be able to put out. It all came from me scrolling through my Instagram feed one day (as you do) and realising that my friends were all settling down and having kids. It was one of those “Oh fuck, I’m way off that” kind of moments. I generally believe that great songs can be written within a few minutes and I know that within a few days of writing All My Friends, I had already written all the guitar parts and the lyrics were done. It came together in the studio super quick as well.



You explain that the tune explores the pressure of settling down and feeling left behind by the people you used to love. Can you delve deeper into this? 

I’ve always kept my private life incredibly separated from my art ever since I can remember until very recently. I understand how stupid that was now because I was singing songs about my sexuality and the turbulence of same sex relationships but then not being myself or honest when I was talking about them.

All My Friends is important for me, and hopefully the rest of the LGBTQ+ community because sometimes, even if you’d love to settle down and start building families, life doesn’t always let that happen for you. Even though this song is a huge party anthem, it wouldn’t be a Drew Thomas song without a slightly deeper meaning…


You reside in Nottingham, in the UK! How has the city shaped your sound? 

I love Nottingham. I’ve lived in-between there and London for the past five years but every time I go back, it feels like home. I really cut my teeth as an artist in Nottingham and have created some core memories in the city. I’ve got a song coming out next year that I wrote about my favourite venue – The Bodega. It’s a big one.


All My Friends really encapsulates your ability to bring your pop-rock-infused sound to life! Who are your biggest musical influences? Is there a dream collaboration in mind? 

Musically, my music is lovechild of the Killers and Radiohead but my dream collaboration would 100% be Taylor Swift. A lot of people are shocked at that answer but she is honestly one of the most impressive song-writers of all time (to me!)



You explore deeper discourses into heteronormative expectations and the pressure on the LQBTQ+ community. What are you hoping listeners will take away from your new single? 

I think that artists have a duty to be true to themselves, especially when they are part of a community that is challenged and exploited so much. What I’d like is for people to have a great experience listening to my music – but what I’d love is for them to find refuge in it.


You’ve found your feet on some big stages! Where do you see All My Friends being performed next? Any gigs lined up for this year or next? 

I’d be secretly very disappointed if I don’t get to play a bunch of great festival stages next year. Places like Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds festival are my favourite places in the world and seeing so many people come together because of live music is like nothing else.


What has the fan reaction been like recently? Could you describe the perfect moment to press play on All My Friends

All My Friends has BIG shower song potential for sure. There’s a video of me on Instagram where I set up my phone to film an interview and accidentally left it running while doing some writing. I literally take off my shirt and start rocking out whilst writing this song in my bedroom. If that’s not rockstar behaviour, I don’t know what is.


You’ve supported some incredible musicians in the past. Do you have a favourite live performance or memory from these opportunities? 

I played one of my first solo shows supporting Jack Maynard at Shepherds Bush Empire. The whole experience was amazing and so early on for me as a solo artist. The show itself feels like a blur but I got the whole crowd singing.


What’s next on the cards for you? Is anything exciting in the pipeline as we wrap up for 2022?

I’m currently working on my next EP which will be out at the start of next year. There’s been a bit of a theme with my releases that they reflect the time of day songs were written in (my first two EPs were called Early Hours and Daybreak). My new songs all have big stadium rock vibes I’m buzzing to finish them and let the world hear. I’m also planning some big headline shows next year so I expect to see you all there!


All My Friends is out now, follow Drew via  @drewthomasmusic


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