Dress code, and how to dress to impress?

Towards the end of the year, festive events will become more frequent, let’s see how it fits to appear on these.


The following compilation shows exactly what the definitions of the “dress code” that often appear on invitations mean. We will show you each dress code, and how to apply them Toward the end of the article there will be a section that will tell you how to apply these tips, to have the best outfit in the room. These will be the best options to choose for a party, a ball, a night out or just a fashion show to be really chic and stylish.


Dress codes


The mark indicates casual clothing but excludes the wearing of sportswear. The attire is similar to formal attire, but a little looser. Some good ideas might be a clean white tee, a t shirt with a fun print, a leather jacket, or a nice, playful one-piece dress

White Tie

This wear is the most elegant outfit possible. For ladies, this is the time when you can wear your fanciest outfit, and it’s a must-wear with gloves. If you follow these rules, and by a nice dress you will surely feel like a princess.


Black Tie 

Pieces of Black Tie attire: without evening gloves, or a sleeveless long dress that can be worn with a stole, but can also be a short cocktail dress, depending on how formal the event is. Usually, this is the sexiest outfit a woman can wear. This dress code can give you enough freedom to be elegant and creative at the same time. These kinds of outfits are usually worn in official places like a casino when you hit the blackjack table with your friends or partner, or an evening wedding. With the proper accessories you can glow in an outfit like this, just make sure you stay as minimalistic as possible.


Black Tie Optional 

This dress code is usually applied to personal events when the host wants an elegant evening, but still, give you enough freedom to feel free. It’s strongly related to the Black Tie Invited definition, meaning that attire can be less solemn than the former, meaning ladies are allowed other elegant dresses instead of evening ones.


Formal, Semi-Formal

This one means elegant attire, but it is also worth paying attention to the time of the event: before 6 o’clock the Formal expects to wear an elegant dress, after 6 o’clock an evening or cocktail dress. You also want an elegant look before Semi-Formal 6, you can also wear a cocktail dress for the evening program.


Business Formal

This is usually applied for work environments or work-related events. This dress code is all about to be elegant. You can either wear a 2 part costume or a long dress but the dress should not be cut out. That shows unprofessionalism. Also, if you go with the 2 part costume, it’s always good to have the same colour up and down. All the accessories should match for the best effect.


Smart Casual 

This one is a hybrid between the business and the casual one. Jeans or sneakers are not recommended, but rather a pretty dress or elegant pants with a blouse is recommended. Your goals are to show maturity with your outfit, while style being elegant and young.



If you see this, there are no rules, anything can be worn. Make sure you’ll dress comfortable and proper for the event. If the sign “informal” indicates a special occasion or an event after 18.00, then ladies are advised to dress slightly more elegant than completely casual attire.



How to dress to impress


You don’t have to dress like a grey mouse or a wild amazon to get the approval or attention of others. With our tips, you can put together an elegant, special but non-ostentatious set of clothes which is the best option between the two extremes, the white tie and the informal. This outfit can be worn even in an interview, or whenever you want to impress someone.


The devil lies in the details

Always pay attention to the small details. For instance, wash your hair the day before, and don’t forget to embalm it either, so your hairstyle won’t be tousled or dry, stack-like. Also, check your nails and don’t use strong colours like turquoise or fiery red, choose colourless or pastel shades instead.

If you’re going to wear a blouse, iron it out the day before so you won’t have to rush nervously back and forth on the big day. Make sure your shoes are clean, not cracked, not torn during storage, and don’t forget to care. So always be prepared, don’t treat any event casually.


Scent magic

A characterful, delicate scent doesn’t enchant everyone in very large quantities, and they’re better noticed by it. Do not use more than 2-3 blows at all, because pulling a “streak of condensation” out of the office is more disappointing than attractive.


A skirt, a pair of pants? 

Neglect floral, lacy dresses, instead choose a nice blouse with a blazer as well as dark coloured pants or a skirt. The skirt should touch your knees a few inches at most, so you can avoid your whole thighs flashing when you sit in a chair. The pants should be ironed to the brim, and if you are tired of the plain black colour, wear dark blue with a thin belt fooled around. If your blouse is sleeveless, be sure to wear a blazer over it and avoid back cuts from afar. Your shoes should not have stiletto heels, but they should not be completely flat either, so strive for the golden mean here as well.



An elegant watch, a slim bracelet, or a black diamond earrings is definitely a good choice. There is an unofficial rule not to wear more than 3-4 big accessories. So one of everything is enough: don’t wear bracelets on both arms, or rings on all your fingers, and only wear a necklace if it’s not “too much” over your blouse. Avoid jewellery made of wood, plastic, or with huge coloured rocks. Trendy is birthstone jewelry, offering a minimalistic yet elegant look.



A huge bag is a big nono. Choose a stiffer, darker colour rather than a very large piece. It is important that if you need to make a note of something, you can immediately find your appointment diary or your records, for example. Too much rhinestone, metal chains, keychains should be avoided. You don’t have to show up with the most branded piece to take it seriously, but make sure the bag hood or bag material isn’t damaged, torn, shattering.

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