Does Vape Juice Have Calories?

Vaping is a massive trend of the 21st century. With the support of the internet, the craze for these hi-tech pen-like devices has increased ten folds. But another “trend” is the craze for a fit physique. Now, when many health-conscious individuals thought of trying vaping for themselves, they were held back by a question: Would vaping lead to more weight gain? No matter which vape shop you use to get your products, you must also have thought of questions like this one. In this article, let’s find out!


What is Vaping?

Vaping has been mainstream for a long time now. Almost every person of the younger generation can come up with a description of what it is. It has been massively popular for a while now. According to a study in 2018, 8.1 million adults in the United States alone have been users of e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) from online stores such as Simply E-liquid. This number has changed a lot since. If you’re interested in trying vaping, check out Lookah’s wide selection of quality vapes. Now you can buy high quality lookah at affordable prices as well and join the growing vaping community.

Now, let us understand what vaping is. Vaping is simply breathing in vapors created by a vape. This “vape” or vaping device is generally battery-powered. This trend’s most prized target audience is the younger generation. An e-cigarette or a vape heats a liquid and creates a vapor for our inhalation. It works in the same way as that of a hookah. In this liquid, we usually find substances like nicotine, VG and PG, various flavorings, and different heated chemicals. Usually, the mixture of these e liquid ingredients is safer than cigarette smoke as it reportedly causes less harm. In cigarette smoke, there are more harmful substances, like tar. They stay in our lungs for an extended period. However, do not consider vaping entirely risk-free or “healthy.” There are a few limitations that you must remember. Apart from that, one question that consistently bugs potential customers is if the vape juice contains too many calories for their liking. Let’s find out!

How many calories are in vape juices?

Firstly, the question that has stimulated much debate over vaping- Does vape juice have calories? The answer to this question, in short, is yes, of course, it does! Let us dive deep then! But, when we dive a little deeper, we uncover the truth behind these ‘calories.’ Sounds interesting?

On first look, we find that e-liquids contain around 4 to 5 calories per milliliter (ml) of the liquid. To understand this better, you may consider that vaping around 5ml a day would provide you with almost equivalent calories to half a cucumber! The best part is that these many calories are not that stubborn. A 5-minute walk could help you burn these off, or you could even burn them off automatically while sleeping (We generally burn between 40-60 calories in an hour of sleep).

Another thing to keep in mind while counting calories in these e-liquids are that they do not depend on the flavor you choose. So, thinking that fruit-based flavors lead to “lesser weight gain” than the “crazier” ones might not make much sense! Although, all of them might feel equally delicious!

If you’re looking for a good vape shop to buy your vape juice in Canada, try going to an online dispensary Canada location. Usually, they will have many vape juice flavors that you can try out for a low price!

Shall I be concerned with the vape juice calories?

Now that we know about the calorie count of these vape fluids, let us focus on the most crucial question- shall these calories bother you? Well, both sides on this question have decent arguments. As we have seen, each milliliter of vape juice contains 4-5 calories. But does it facilitate weight gain? Well, the answer is no, it does not.

Cutting out sugary foods and drinks from your diet can have a massive impact on your overall health. In reality, the effect of this juice could be the opposite. It could help you manage your cravings for sugary drinks or food items. When feeling these cravings, you may try a sugary-flavored vape and see if it does the trick. Hence, as we all know, this could be a game-changer regarding weight management.

What’s the deal with nicotine?

Additionally, nicotine is a subject of further interest. Reportedly, nicotine can suppress our appetite and also enhance our metabolism rates. Hence, if you consume e-liquids with high nicotine content, you are even more unlikely to gain weight.

On the other hand, when we consider the properties of nicotine, it is a stimulant. As discussed earlier, it can boost metabolism and decrease our appetite. Sometimes, after making the switch from smoking, some people seek to reduce their dependence on nicotine by opting for fluids with lower nicotine levels. It can have various effects on the body. It can lead to a lower heart rate and boost the user’s appetite, for starters. A lower heart rate can be a good thing whereas, an enhanced hunger is not the ideal situation for many across the globe.

If you vape to reduce nicotine consumption through smoking, it is good that your body consumes more minor of the drug after switching. It is a sign of progress that you have removed the harmful chemicals and toxins (like tar) in cigarettes from your life. You have already set yourself up for more stamina and a healthier lifestyle. Now, taking the longer routes when going on a walk or an occasional gym session could be the cherry on the cake for you!


As our problems evolve, so do we. We have looked for various coping mechanisms for increased stress and mental fatigue for a long time. However, each of them seems to have its fair share of drawbacks. Whether you find solace in vaping or any other product of your choice, always be sure to perform your part of medical research before putting something in your body. Consulting a doctor is an extra layer of protection that is commendable. While we all need peace of mind to exist in this hectic world, our physical health is also a top priority. So, whenever you try vape juice flavors, e-cigarettes, alcohol, want the Best Hookah Flavors other such substances, remember to be cautious and set limits so you do not overdo it. It is a very subjective choice, and you are entitled to choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and needs. But remember to exercise self-discipline.

From a legal standpoint, there are various rules, and several amendments also take place. So, whenever you decide to hop on the vape-hype train, make sure you know about the rules in your area. In general, in the United States, many states have allowed the distribution and production of vaping-related products. Increased awareness and distribution can lead to even larger blooms in the vaping industry.

Lastly, when buying vaping kits, e-cigarettes, or refills for your little friends, ensure that you order from reputed and certified vendors. You can also check organic reviews of previous customers and make a decision.

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