Does the Use of Dermal Fillers Lead to Soft Skin

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According to New Medical Spa, Juvederm is regarded as one of the most effective hyaluronic acid fills. It attracts moisture in your skin and therefore, plumps and fills out sunken wrinkles. The effect is naturally smoother-looking skin. However, this is only one type of dermal filler- the types vary.

Botox is an injection of small amounts of Clostridium botulinum, which interrupts the signals that force muscle contractions, thus allowing facial muscles to relax fully. With your face relaxed, you eliminate all chances of wrinkles! However, Botox should not be confused for dermal fillers.

Dermal Fillers are injections designed to add fullness and volume to soft tissues. Numerous types of dermal fillers exist, and each one deals with a different cosmetic issue. It is essential to discuss your needs and expectations with your doctor if your concern is to get soft skin.


Types of Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

HA is a naturally infused chemical found in our skin that plays an important role in keeping the skin hydrated and volumized leading to a soft skin. HA fillers can last from 6 months to even longer, depending on their specific chemical makeup, before being absorbed by the body.

Calcium hydroxylapatite

It is a mineral based compound found naturally in the human bones. However, this type of dermal filler is useful mostly for reconstructive plastic surgery as well as dentistry, thereby meaning that this is not what one should go for if you are aiming for soft skin!

Poly-L-Lactic Acid

It is a synthetic filler that encourages collagen production, making it different from other fillers. Moreover, it is more gradual-working than other dermal fillers, producing soft voluminous results at a slower pace.


Polymethyl methacrylate

It is a more durable filler, though it has a higher risk associated with it. Polymethyl methacrylate may lead to the formation and visibility of lumps under the skin.


Which Dermal Filler is Right for Your Soft Skin?

If so many dermal fillers exist, how do you decide which is the right one for you? According to experts, choosing the right dermal filler requires the expertise of an experienced board-certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.

Due to different substances having different pros and cons, this might not be something that anyone can comment on. Therefore, it is important to get it done from a certified professional. Moreover, you should be careful not to buy fillers from the black market to save costs.

The primary job of a dermal filler is to replace lost volume in the skin, smoothen wrinkles, restore lost youth as well as plump up your lips; however, different substances have different effects. So which is the perfect filler to help you achieve soft skin?



It is a famous brand that uses hyaluronic acid to smooth moderate to severe lines around the mouth and nose. As already mentioned, HA is a naturally occurring substance.

Over time, your body loses HA, wherein fillers come in. They replace the HA your skin has lost over time to bring youthfulness and volume to your face. One of the known effects of this substance is its hydrating nature, as it helps in retaining the moisture of the skin.

Therefore, for soft skin, Juvéderm treatment would be a good option. Depending on the quantity injected and the time your body takes to metabolize the substance, it can last from 6-18 months.


The Process: How do you Go About It?

Before you make your final decision, you need to consult a professional as the effects of the fillers vary from person to person. To get the best effect for your skin, here are some of the things you should know.
Before receiving your injection, you need to consult with
trusted aestheticians of Aesthetica MI. This is because your safety is their top priority as you get a dermal injection. Not only should you get treatment from this licensed practitioner, but you can check their verified credentials as well. If you get any second thoughts about the effectiveness of dermal injections you just need to read through this article.


Ask the Right Questions!

Experts recommend a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Ask your friends for recommendations- those who have had fillers done before would have an idea and prior research on whom to go to.

Book Your Consultation

Here it is a must to ask for a certification as well as pictures of previous work done. Make sure to state your objectives clearly as your desired effect would direct the course of the treatment. Make sure all your fears are out in the open.

Ask about the Price

Everyone works within a budget. Though a minimally invasive medical procedure, it can nonetheless be a costly expense. Since dermal fillers require multiple sessions, this would only inflate the costs. Before making a final decision, know if you can afford the treatment.


Know the Steps of the Procedure

The first step to getting your treatment is consultation. In this step, the treatment plan is finalized. After you’re sure about wanting to get the procedure, the process will take place over several steps.

The first would be facial assessment and mapping. This is to evaluate your skin tone as well as examine the areas of your face which need augmentation. After this is determined, the next step would be the procedure itself.

It would start with anesthetization and cleaning of the face. The injection is not painless, but professionals assure you that they are easily tolerable. Finally, comes the injection itself, taking only a moment per area! And just like that, you have completed the process.



Hopefully, this article could give you a clear idea about which dermal filler is best for soft skin and whether they are effective or not. If you are planning to get them done, make sure to go to a certified dermatologist and ask all necessary questions before starting the procedure.

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