Designing The Perfect Beer Labels

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Beer labels can be an excellent way to sell your beer, whether you’re a multinational company or a home-based producer who wants to label your homebrew to give to friends.

You don’t even need to be a brewer to get custom beer labels; you can buy labels for any beer bottles to give them a personalized message to celebrate any occasion.

What are Beer Labels?

Beer labels are self-adhesive stickers that can be attached to gloss or plastic bottles. They allow you to write a description on a beer bottle or add a personal touch or logo.

Who Can Use Beer Labels?

Beer labels can be created to help you sell your home brew, commercially produced beers, and specialty drinks or to cover up a label on store-bought brands for special occasions.

Maybe you’re planning a stag or hen do or want a custom beer label for a wedding, 40th birthday, or company event. In this case, you can visit an online beer label designer to help you mock up your design and see how it will look on your chosen bottle.

Beer labels can be used for both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks and both functional and aesthetic purposes.

All you need to do is find the right beer label supplier for your needs to help you bring your creations to life.

How To Create The Perfect Beer Labels

Now that you know why you need beer labels and who can purchase them, you need to know how to design the perfect labels for your beverage.

First, you need to consider what you want the label to say. It can be a simple “Happy 40th birthday, Dave” message with a picture of Dave in all his glory, or it can be designing a brand label to help you sell your craft beer at markets, meaning you need to include slightly more information than for Dave’s birthday bash. Information required for the beer you sell can include the brewery’s name, the alcohol content, the logo, beer type, class, ingredients, and anything else like a tagline, if applicable.

From here, you need to decide on the colors you want to use to bring your beer labels to life and what images you will use, if any. You don’t want your beer labels cluttered and hard to read, so your design elements must be intentional and clever to ensure they are impactful yet don’t omit important information.

Another important aspect is the size and shape of the label. The type of bottle you will be attaching it to will determine the size of the label you need to use; it can be a good idea to find one of a similar size and shape to get an idea of the size of the beer label you need.

Then, you need to look at your target audience. This is less important if you design them for a specific reason, e.g., a company gets together where you can simply use your branding or cover up existing labels to hand out to staff. But if you are starting your business selling beers, you must identify your target audience and create a beer label that appeals to those you are selling to.

Creating the perfect beer labels for your craft beers or a special celebration can be a great way to add character and bring your otherwise bland bottles to life to help you create an eye-catching beer that people can’t help but want to check out.

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