Countries Where Weed Is Legal & You Can Freely Light Up A Joint

Finally, the world is opening up, and international travel is booming. Maybe you got used to chilling at home and consuming marijuana. The thought of going on a vacation and not being about to light up doesn’t sound ideal to you. You’re in luck! We have found out where weed is legal in which country.

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Get your passport and backpack ready; we’re exploring the best weed-friendly countries to visit this year.



Is weed legal in other countries? Yes, this tiny country in South America was the first one in the world to make cannabis legal for recreational use back in 2013. Uruguay’s tourism has skyrocketed because all stoners wanted to know how it felt to light up a joint with no worries.

There are cannabis tours, where the guide explains indica vs. sativa, how to grow and roll a joint, and more you can experience. They take you to dispensaries and explain the history while consuming, of course.

According to the law, tourists can’t legally purchase weed but can freely use it. You might be scratching your head, but just ask an Uruguayan friend to help you! Thank them by inviting them to Asado, a traditional plate that’s a huge grilled platter.



If you need an island getaway for your next vacation, visit Jamaica, the home of Bob Marley. Marijuana is legal in this country, and fans have always come here to experience the relaxed lifestyle on the beach demonstrated by the singer.

The Jamaican government decriminalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2015. Take a freshly rolled joint to the beach and soak up the sun in pure bliss. Explore Montego Bay for a picturesque experience. Make sure you have your Bob Marley playlist ready to go before you get there.



Backpacking Europe is a dream for most, but what are the countries where marijuana is legal?

Portugal is a coastal region that has boomed in tourism. There’s everything you’d want, such as rich culture, delicious food, breathtaking beaches, and don’t forget their progressive drug policies.

Portugal’s government decriminalized personal quantities of all types of drugs, including cannabis, in 2001. You’ll never face jail time for having a joint or two. Explore all that the country has to offer without any worry.

Explore the beaches such as Praia do Cabedelo, Praia de Mira, or Praia do Guincho. Watch the sunset as you take a drag.



If you’re not looking to travel too far, consider visiting the United States’ friendly neighbor, Canada. It’s one of the countries that legalized weed in October of 2018 nationwide. Are you looking for the most reliable source of weed in canada? Check the best Canadian online dispensaries right now!

You can enjoy a joint on the various ski mountains in the winter or during a late summer hike to a breathtaking lake. Canada’s cities are fun to discover with their dispensaries and smoking cafes.

You must visit Montreal, as it mixes French architecture and modern-day bars. You’ll love walking the city streets while high.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most well-known weed-friendly countries and is a popular tourist destination because of its lenient laws. The Red Light district is known to welcome people to do as they please without the risk of jail time.

You must visit the “coffee shops” to buy and consume marijuana products. Technically, weed isn’t legal in this country, but Dutch law allows the sale of cannabis in these locations for personal consumption. Don’t possess more than 5 grams, and you’ll never have problems in the Netherlands.


Buy your plane ticket today

Were you wondering where weed is legal in which country? Now you know! You can pack up your suitcase, buy your plane tickets, and go on a hazy vacation this year. There are so many beautiful destinations to explore that allow you to smoke a joint.

Some of the countries where marijuana is legal are Uruguay, Jamaica, Portugal, Canada, and the Netherlands, but this isn’t the complete list. What are you waiting for? Pack your rolling papers and get out there now!



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