Connie Constance 

Watford’s Connie Constance is back with her latest single Electric Girl. The indie hit is a fire of inspiration and a spark of the artist’s fight for female empowerment. 

Working with Karma Kid and Mauv, the track is blazing in indie flames, here to shine a light during darker times. Constance shares what the track means to her, revealing, Electric girl was born and she got me through seasonal depression because she’s impenetrable, unstoppable and a powerhouse of energy!”

Her music is a hot mix of colours and compelling sounds bringing a sense of surprise to all her tunes. During the crazy year of 2020, Constance rose up through the ashes and released her EP The Butterfly Club, as well as announcing her own record label Jump The Fence. What a force to be reckoned with?! Continuing that momentum and drive, Electric Girl is here to wash away any sadness and fear. We chat to Connie Constance today to get insight into life, music and future projects.


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I firstly wanted to start off by asking how you are?! Not only have we been enduring a global pandemic, but you’re simultaneously juggling multiple things. From your own music, to your record label – do you ever get any time to yourself?!

I’m Aliveeee and kicking. I’ve started dance training, And it’s really therapeutic for me. I don’t really like days off, I love my job, I love improving on my skills. I feel grateful that a small town girl like myself can even be in a position to focus on what I love so I’ll never take that for granted. 


So your single Electric Girl is quite frankly intoxicating. The track has the most vibrant uplifting guitar riff and is pumping in energy. What were your intentions when writing the song?

Mwahhahahha my evil plan to intoxicate the world with indie bangers is in transit. Like most of us, at points in this global pandemic, I’ve felt down in the dumps and really overwhelmed with the underwhelming groundhog days. So I wanted to create a song to remind myself and others that we can be our best selves in our baked bean stained tracksuits if we can just access that electric girl inside of us that has no limitations and big HD dreams. 



You worked with Karma Kid and Mauv on the new release. Any insight on what your collaboration experience was like? 

The lads are just a dream. When you’re all on the same vibe, creating music really feels like doing a balloon and spinning round in circles laughing. The pace, the pushing of comfort zones and the excitement is the greatest high I’ll ever find. 


Electric Girl is a spark of motivation as the season’s change. Talk to me about the lyrics and meaning behind the track a bit more. 

And it’s a long cold winter for a summer soul” some of us just don’t sit well with winter. S.A.D. Is a real thing. and it gets tough. “It’s hard looking up, when your freedom feels like it’s under control” that’s to do with the Covid restrictions. Ovs we all want things to go back to normal ASAP. But it’s hard to look forward in life when your present moment feels so restricted. “And society sucks” it’s very jarring following rules and orders from people that don’t actually care about us. Speaking from the black British experience and as a women. Being told what’s apparently best for me from a misogynistic, racist government that spends tens of thousands on lash lifts, creates another level of rage to this whole lockdown situation. 


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Where was your headspace when you wrote Electric Girl? Was there anything at the time that you were reading/watching/listening to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Blondie over the last year. I had put together a little goals mood-board around that time. Stuck some photos of Tokyo and Lagos on there. My favourite festivals. So I think those images were dancing in my mind when writing Electric Girl. 


Following on from the release of your wonderful 2020 EP, The Butterfly Club, a compelling collection of songs that depict real-life encounters. How does your new single differ/follow on from that?

I think for the first time in a while I’m narrating the future rather than creating diary entries from the past. 


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Your music has been described as “soul-drenched indie” before, but how would you describe your music? Perhaps tell me about some of your favourite things about your sound and where you see it going in the future?

I like that. I like how people describe my music now. I like that I manage to stay raw even though my music knowledge and composition skills develop. I would describe my music to myself as soul music. As it will always be a reflection of what’s going on inside. However to anyone that needs to know before they hear. Then it’s fairy soul punk pop. I’ve been changing around those words a lot. Waiting for them to roll off the tongue nicely and then I’ll pattern it. 


You have your own independent record label now, congratulations on that! How was the experience of building that up and what was the motivation behind doing it?

Thank you, I would say the experience was fearless and punctual. From the beginning of Jump The Fence we kicked the ball up high and we’ve managed to keep it up there. The freedom we’ve gained is gonna be hard to ever let go of. We know what we need to do to take everything to the next level, the lines are clear there’s no shit-talk. Just facts or truths, hard work and progress. When people jump the fence and don’t die, there’s not much that will ever get in their way again. Apart from maybe a global pandemic. 


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Growing up in Watford, how do you think your life there has impacted who you are today? Do you feel growing up there had a heavy impact on your music today in terms of lyrics or production?

Most likely. I love Watford cause it’s home, I know it inside out and my family is there. But it’s a pretty boring place. I can’t say there’s much going on to inspire me. I kinda feel like I’m living in a parallel Connie land when I’m in Watford and it’s always been like that. I probably miss a lot cause I think I’ve seen it all. Headphones in, pavement glowing pinks and oranges as I walk along it, birds singing different parts of the songs I’m listening to, smiling at old ladies and so on. 


It’s clear your music is impassioned with your warm energy and is a comfort and inspiration for so many. What do you hope people will get out of your music?

I hope they feel motivated, empowered, & heard. I hope they feel like they can release their sadness and not feel rushed to overcome it. I want them to dance and shout the words as their own. I hope they feel like after listening to a Connie Constance song they can take on the world and that they feel confident enough to tell their ops to shut the fuck up and do one.


And last but not least, what advice would you give to younger people out there right now facing life’s battles and trying to do what they love? 

If you don’t ask you don’t get & work on your skills until they’re undeniable.


Electric Girl is out now, follow Connie via @itsconniesworld


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