Confused About Diamond Quality? Wondering How Rare Carat’s Diamonds Compare?

Diamonds come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. However, all of these diamonds possess a combination of unique characteristics that make them different from each other in terms of their quality and clarity. Rare Carat has a bundle of diamond shapes and types along with different color varieties that you can choose your style.

Rare Carat diamond collection comes in a variety of shapes as well. You can explore round or rectangular to oval shaped diamonds. But before buying diamonds online from any store you must be confused about the diamond quality. But how can you determine the quality of diamonds to make sure you purchase the right one? Read our experts guide to know how to compare the diamond quality while purchasing online

How to Check Rare Carat Diamonds Quality?

Diamonds come in a lot of shapes, color and sizes based on the clarity and cuts. But every gemstone has unique features that help the buyers to determine their value. While accessing the diamond quality online there are basic 4 C’s through which you can identify their quality.

Thus, the Rare Carat team of experts provides information about their diamond quality that is helpful for their buyers. Let’s check out the 4 C’s of diamonds that help you check the quality of these gemstones.

Check Diamonds Cut Quality:

The quality of the diamond cuts is vital for considering the longevity, outlook and dazzle appearance. Every angle and facet of the diamond interact with each other and lights give a brighter look. The more cuts a diamond has, the more shiny it looks. Thus, determining the Cut of diamonds is also beneficial for you in evaluating its quality. There are three optical effects of outlook you can see in different diamonds with different cuts.

  1. Fire Cut: The type of diamond cut refers to the sharp flash color that diamond produces when it interacts with light. Due to the prismatic effect it creates a sharp sizzling light.
  2. Brightness: Basically, brightness shows a light reflection that every diamond can produce while interacting in even sunlight.
  3. Scintillation: This feature comes up to notice when you buy a dual color diamond with two color dimensions.

The diamond purity and quality scale of Rare Carats based on the different factors and its cut quality, which are indicated by different numbers, include:

  • Ideal cut shape = 0 Scale
  • Excellent cut = 1 Scale
  • Precise Cut = 2 Scale
  • Good Cut = 3 to 4 Scale
  • Fair Cuts = 5 Scale
  • Poor Cuts = 8 to 10 Scale

Check Diamond Color Quality:

Quality of a diamond can also be determined by its color which directly affects the value and price of diamonds. As we know that diamonds come in transparent form. However, with the unique formation you might see different color but the prices of these color diamonds are different. Most colors are so subtle that they are invisible. But GIA (Gemological Institute of America) research shows that color directly influences the price of diamonds.

Color diamonds and their grading can be determined by the approved measurements, including:

  • Near Colourless (G to J)
  • Very Light (N to R)
  • Colourless or Transparent (D to F)
  • Faint (K to M)
  • Light Color (S to Z)

Rate and Clarity of Diamonds:

It is vital to understand the clarity of diamonds that have a major impact on diamond quality. Clarity of diamonds is the most important thing that determines the value of diamonds. But if you are wondering how to check the clarity of diamonds that follow the clarity grade of diamonds with 10x magnification process further.

  • FL (Flawless Diamonds)
  • IF (Internally Flawless Diamonds)
  • VVS1 or VVS2 (Very Slightly Included Diamonds)
  • SI 1 or SI 2 (Slightly Included Diamonds)
  • I1 to I3 Clarity Range Diamonds

In this magnification clarity range, flawless diamonds are expensive and rare.

Always check the Carat Weight:

Always assess the weight of the diamonds before buying them. Check the rates of diamond carat weight in the market, which fluctuate every day. This way, you can check the carat prices and diamond quality.


Before buying a diamond ring for yourself online, you must check out the terms and conditions of diamond quality to make sure you purchase real diamonds. Rare Carat company has a lot of diamond collections that are compared by their quality, clarity and color range. The experts guide you in considering the 4 Cs of diamonds while measuring their quality. Go and check out the formation of the quality attributes of the Rare Carat diamonds collection at to understand more about diamond quality!

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