Applying gel nails has nearly completely displaced traditional nail polish manicures. All nail techs and girlies love the long retention, glossy shine, and wonderfully vibrant and fascinating color choices of gel polish. However, choosing the best gel nail polish might be challenging because so many brands are available.

So, how can you identify the best gel polish brand without becoming overwhelmed by the abundance of options? Keep the following essential elements in mind when choosing gel nail polish for your salon:

Shade and gloss

The primary factor influencing our choice of gel nail polish is its color. It is vital to have an extensive color scheme. The more options you have, the more likely you are to satisfy the tastes of various clients and keep up with the seasonal trends. Make sure the brand you select has a large selection of colors, ranging from brights and darks to neutrals.

Note that there are typically color discrepancies between the color card and the actual color. Select the gel polish that has a subtle color variation. Additionally, examine the gel polish’s gloss.


Gel nail polish’s extended wear time is its primary benefit over conventional nail polish. Girls don’t have to worry about repainting their nails every three to five days because of its long-lasting retention. When appropriately applied, gel polish can resist chipping and peeling for up to two or three weeks, a significant selling factor for customers. Seek for companies that make good on their promises of longevity.

Consistency and pigmentation

Pigmentation and consistency are crucial elements in the application procedure. Applying a too thick polish can be difficult, while using one that is too thin might need extra coats, prolonging the drying period.

To check the consistency, extract the brush from the container; if the gel polish is dripping too quickly, it indicates a low consistency. If it drips too slowly, the gel polish will be overly thick and difficult to apply. The ideal dripping speed is moderate.

Similarly, a polish with higher pigmentation will produce vivid color in fewer coats than one with lower pigmentation.

Application and removal procedure

Smooth formulas that are easy to apply and leave a flawless finish characterize the best gel nail paints. Moreover, they ought to cure uniformly under a UV or LED light source without bubbling or creasing.

The removal procedure is equally significant. Some gel polishes are infamously challenging to remove, requiring a lot of filing and soaking, which may cause damage to the natural nail. Seek for brands that are reasonably and safely removable.

Layer of coating

The best gel nail paint is flexible and can coat the nails evenly. Furthermore, its rich pigmentation ensures perfect coverage. The finish is smooth and free of creases, bubbles, and shrinkage after being cured under a lamp.

Date of production

Generally speaking, gel polish with an earlier manufacturing date will not brush as well, have a thicker, tougher texture, and be less suited for preservation. Choosing gel polish with a late production date is the best option.


A reputable gel polish company that has garnered favorable feedback will provide a high-quality product. Seek out gel polish brands renowned for their creativity, excellence, and dedication to nail health.

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