Best Cheap Giveaway for Pandemic Events

Although the pandemic is still going on, that doesn’t mean that all life is put at a standstill. There are people who still go out, though limited to only essential activities, and events are being held.


In these times, event organizers are working on a tighter budget because of the issues that COVID-19 brought. That means when it comes to giving out freebies to attendees, they have to scale back on the price. Fortunately, there are lots of quirky and interesting items that make nice giveaways. These are cheap but also practical, and here are just a few examples of what you can get.


Print Face Masks

When it comes to giveaways, it’s a good idea to tailor them to current needs, and face masks are definitely a must during these times. Medical experts say that if even at least 8 percent of the population wore face masks, then it will do more to reduce the spread than lockdowns. Giving away face masks that look cool and stylish both encourages safe practices and looks cool.

What’s good about face masks is that they are functional and customizable. There are a ton of new manufacturers today that make patterned and print masks to match everyday clothes. These are also made with a more comfortable plastic. If you are worried about its functionality, these masks often have pockets that let you insert regular medical masks. With this, it maintains its purpose while not keeping its appearance.


Custom Face Shields

Some people are more cautious than others, so they layer a face shield over their masks. It’s not always the most appealing, but it adds another layer of protection. This is especially good because there are those that still don’t like wearing masks, and their sneezes can get all over your face.

Face shields don’t have to be an eyesore though! You can have stylish ones that look like something out of a sci-fi show. They are curved around your face and appear more like large shades than a shield. These can be bought in different colors and if you have a big event, you can add your company logo as a sticker on the side.



Although accessories are more commonly associated with women, you can also do something gender-neutral by giving away bracelets. These are extremely cheap, and it can be bought in bulk as well. It’s also something that people of any age can wear. If you want something to add to your current giveaway package, individual bracelets are a good addition.

Personalized rubber bracelets have a safe appearance, so even guys can wear them without catching too much attention. Shades are also a good giveaway idea. They don’t have to be anything expensive or fancy either. Certain suppliers even include individual bags for each shield, so they will have someplace to store it and keep it clean.


Tote Bags

If you are considering something more eco-friendly, tote bags are always useful. Plastic bags make up 1 percent of the trash in creeks, say studies. Though many have switched to paper bags, it still has its fair share of issues. For one, they still require cutting numerous trees. Second, these bags are often less durable and harder to hold. Tote bags can fix both these issues.

When buying these bags for events, the same idea applies when buying shirts in bulk. You have a base for the bag, and you can decide what can be printed on them. Oftentimes, a minimum order of items is required, and these usually have the same designs. Bags with individual designs can be a bit more costly because it requires more work to do.


Spray Pens

A fun and quirky little giveaway that you can do, especially for corporate events, are spray pens. Business people always need to have pens on hand, and these have a dual function of being a spray bottle as well. It can be filled with perfume or alcohol for sanitation. If it runs out, then they can uncap the top and refill it whenever.

Despite the idea, professional pens can also be bought. This makes it more appropriate for serious functions and events. Otherwise, they make a cute little party giveaway that even kids would like. It can be easily bought in bulk as well, and there would likely be more to spare.

The way we run events might be a little different now, but it doesn’t mean everything has to change. You may need to adjust how you run things in consideration of the current health crisis. However, a little creative thinking can help make this easier.


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