Calling all Cannabis Lovers: Get paid $70k to smoke weed on the job

Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to smoke weed all day?

Thanks to DaySavers, you may be able to turn your stoner dream into reality.

DaySavers recently announced that they’re hiring for the “Ultimate Stoner Dream Job”, which is exactly like it sounds. One lucky stoner will be selected for the roll of a lifetime, where they’ll get the chance to smoke, test, and review cannabis products – and get paid to do it.

Aside from a love of all things cannabis, DaySavers is searching for applicants who can create content for their website and social channels. The role is one-part content creator,  one-part event manager, and 100% weed lover.

The winning candidate will secure a full-time position at DaySavers, complete with the title of Cannabis Content Creator along with a cushy $70,420 salary and perks. They’ll also get an all-expenses paid trip to the Daysavers headquarters in Seattle and opportunities to represent the brand at cannabis-friendly events like Outside Lands, Hall of Flowers, and MJBizCon.

The role is centered around testing some of the top pre-roll and smoking products on the market. DaySavers will send the content creator free samples of their products to use and smoke, including a wide array of pre-roll cones, blunt tubes, hemp wrap blunts, and more.

DaySavers is opening up their search to a range of creative talent, including writers, videographers, photographers, social media gurus, and more. If you’re an expert at crafting things like TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, or blog posts (and have the portfolio to back it up) and are passionate about cannabis, you may just be the stoner for the job.

DaySavers is a smoking accessories brand that is known for offering high-quality pre-rolled cones, tubes, blunts, and innovative pre-roll products. They’re home to top pre-roll brands including Fill-a-Blunts and Smoke Temple.  DaySavers tests all their products to meet the most rigorous compliance standards of the cannabis industry, including tests for heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides.

The DaySavers Expert Panel, comprised of some of the most trusted experts in the cannabis industry, tests and reviews all products on The result? Some of the highest quality smoking tools and accessories available today.

Among their many products are the top selling perfect pack cone filling machine and the popular pre-rolled cross cone at Smoke Temple. They also offer a range of smoking accessories including glass and wood tipped filter tips and pre-rolled tubes. You can select from single and multi-pack options, and your preferred style – whether you like rolling paper, hemp wrap, or hybrid.

DaySavers is the new direct-to consumer brand of Custom Cones USA, which has been a leading pre-roll manufacturer since 2017. Custom Cones USA has built a reputation as one of the most trusted pre-roll companies in the market. Known as “the pre-roll experts”, Custom Cones USA offers a range of customizable pre-rolled cones, blunts, tubes, and accessories developed through intimate knowledge of the cannabis market and the pre-roll sector, one of the fastest growing product types in North America.

Custom Cones USA offers wholesale and retail solutions for every stage of the pre-roll production process. From grinders, sifters, and cone-filling machines to custom pre-roll packaging, their products are designed to help companies speed up their production process while always ensuring the best smoking experience for consumers.

They’re a leading company in the pre-roll space, consistently working with cannabis brands big and small. Leaning on their team’s wealth of knowledge of all things pre-roll manufacturing, Custom Cones USA continues to offer new innovative products from packaging to machines.

And now, you’ll have a chance to join the team.

Think you’re up for the Ultimate Stoner Dream Job? Go ahead and apply now before your dream job goes up in smoke.

You must submit your application by April 20, 2024 to be considered for the role. The DaySavers team will select one applicant for the full-time role, as well as additional part-time content creators. The part-time dream jobs will be open to content creators of all kinds, but the duties will vary based on the applicants’ skills and location. You must be 21+ to apply.

If you’re passionate about cannabis and content creation, go ahead and apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity on the DaySavers website.

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