Bronze Avery – Happy With Nothing (Feat. Kevin McHale) – Playlist Takeover

Dance into PRIDE 2021 with this exclusive playlist takeover curated by singer-songwriter Bronze Avery to celebrate the release of “Happy With Nothing (Feat. Kevin McHale)”

Today, multi-talented music artist Bronze Avery curates an exclusive playlist for 1883 Magazine tying together his new single “Happy With Nothing” featuring actor-singer Kevin McHale. The track is the song everyone needs at the tail end of a break-up; a motivating, reflective song that serves as a reminder that better & brighter days are ahead. Speaking on the track, Bronze states “I wrote Happy With Nothing in a stream of consciousness — Happy With Nothing is a positive outlook on the worst kind of breakup. It’s when you finally find a place of peace and are ready to move on from an unfulfilling situation.” 

The track, which features actor Kevin McHale, was a seamless collaboration. “It’s an honour to work with Kevin who’s been an inspiration to me for years and also someone I can call a friend. I usually tend to collaborate with people I have some type of relationship with beforehand and once we work together, it creates such a unique bond shared through music.”

A rising prominent force in both music and in the queer community, Bronze Avery aims to use both his voice and his music to encourage everyone to live their truth. His PRIDE 2021 playlist features a curated selection of tracks from queer musicians to celebrate their talent and get PRIDE started.

Check out Bronze Avery’s PRIDE 2021 playlist, featuring his new track “Happy With Nothing”, now.

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