Brands Can Now Hire Models for their Upcoming Projects with Zodel


Zodel offers a secure platform for brands and models to connect.                          

Zodel, the largest modeling platform that connects brands with professional models, has been officially launched. It operates across key fashion hubs, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Chicago., along with its iOS and Android applications, offers a user-friendly and secure way for companies to connect with professional models without the challenges of high costs that are traditionally associated with modeling agencies.

Zodel offers free registration via phone number verification to ensure a secure process for both new models and clients. Its rigorous approval process is designed to maintain the highest quality standards for both models and brands.

Zodel makes sure everyone is honest and professional when brands and models sign up for free. Brands can hire models on Zodel without worrying and having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their project is in good hands right from the start.

Zodel Connects Brands to Talent without High Agency Fees

Zodel makes finding the right talent both easy and reasonable. Companies don’t have to waste time looking at models, which makes hiring models faster and simpler. Zodel has all kinds of models available. Whether a brand needs someone for a runway show, to be a brand ambassador, or any other professional models, they can find them on Zodel.

Zodel provides a fully managed model booking and creative service for companies that are both cost-effective and efficient. This approach makes professional modeling more accessible to a broader range of brands. It ensures that budget allocations can be optimized to enhance the creative aspects of projects.

Zodels offers brands and models to chat about the project, agree on things, and focus on creating a successful collaboration. This innovation by Zodel marks a significant shift towards a more transparent and equitable industry standard.

Benefits of Hiring Model Through Zodel

Zodel offers a range of features to enhance the way brands hire professional models. Here are the key benefits that Zodel provides to brands:

  • Streamlined Hiring Process: Zodel finds the best matches for your project by taking your specific job requirements and pay rate into account so companies save time searching through model profiles.
  • Direct job invites: Brands can send direct job invitations to the models who have shown interest in their specific project. Through this targeted approach, brands and companies can find talent that is not only genuinely interested but also a perfect fit for the project.
  • Project Scheduling: Zodel has simplified the entire model booking and scheduling process for companies. This impressive feature saves time and reduces the complexities that are often involved when hiring multiple models for a project.
  • Secure Payment System: Zodel has a secure payment system that works for both companies and models by holding funds until job completion. This system is designed to ensure that models are compensated promptly for their work and that brands are satisfied with the deliverable before payment is released. Zodel also provides clients to open disputes within 24 hours of job completion.
  • Multiple hiring review options: Zodels offers flexibility for companies to hire more than one model for the project and keep track of favorite models for future opportunities. Companies and models can also share their working experience in the review section, which enhances the overall hiring experience and community trust.

A Guide to Hire Model with Zodel

Companies or brands can easily hire models for their advertising campaigns, events, private parties, and more in just a few steps.

  • Log in to Zodel: Create an account on and enter a phone number. Once the verification code is received, enter it to log in.
  • Add details: Fill out company profile details, including name, website, and social media links. Make sure to complete the profile because it adds credibility and helps models understand who they might be working with.
  • Post a Job: Head on to the Job post. Fill in information about your project so Zodel can find the best talent that aligns with the job details. Things that might be required for a job post include the Job category, description, the number of models you are looking for, gender, and additional requirements.
  • Details of event specifications: Providing information regarding the nature of the event (public or private), location, meeting points, and timing is essential for models to gauge their availability and interest.
  • Add precise compensation: Clearly state the hourly rate and any extra perks that comes with the job. This transparency helps to attract models who are comfortable with the terms and conditions.
  • Add visuals: Upload the reference picture that conveys the mood or style of your project. This visual could help models understand the project more clearly.
  • Review Job Post: Once the form is completed, review your job posting to hire models for accuracy before publishing. Zodel will check the job post to ensure it meets platform standards.

Zodel takes over to match the best models for the project by sifting through its extensive database of professional models. Job posts will get the profiles that fit best for the project. Brands can directly talk with them to make sure everyone understands the project clearly.

Hire your next Model with Zodel

Zodel has changed the landscape for companies to hire models and boost their events or advertising with no unnecessary fees. Zodel is all about bringing creative minds and incredible talent together to make brands get what they want. Zodel is ready to show you perfect models. Check out Zodel for yourself to make your next project shine.

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