Beware of Psychic Scams: How To Find The Best Psychic Readers


One common piece of advice many receive when they are facing a personal crisis is to see a psychic for a reading.

Whether it’s a relationship, career, or holistic overall wellbeing, there are psychic readings for everything. Considering that the psychic services market in the US is a $2 billion industry with close to 100k operational businesses, at least one person in your circle would recommend getting a reading done.

However, deciding to get a psychic reading done is one thing, and finding the right psychic is an entirely different thing. As you take into account the number of psychic services online, it can prove to be a herculean task to pick the best. Moreover, you will also need to beware of scammers who are out there to siphon off your money.

You can make the task easier by going through the reviews for online psychic services like Purple Garden on specific websites. On these sites, you’ll find some of the best psychics and websites listed along with extensive feedback on how useful they are for their clients. You can also check their ratings and reviews to determine whether they are genuine and offer an accurate reading.

It surely helps to some extent, but you’ll still have to go through the list and find the reader who suits your needs. Moreover, there’s no full-proof way to tell if the reading you will receive is going to be genuine or not. Here’s how to tell if you’re getting a genuinely good reading or being scammed. Make to compare the best psychic sites before you make a final decision too.


The Devil is in The Details

Pay attention to the details being conveyed to you by the psychic during the session. This is to confirm whether they have made an accurate connection or not. Usually, this information and details are conveyed randomly. Pay close attention to any such detail that’s being provided to you by the reader. Make sure that you’re able to recollect the incident or memory that the psychic is referring to.

In case you’re unable to decipher the random bits of information and need time, psychics should give you enough time to do so. However, do note that you need to keep an open mind and not just look for affirmation to a particular intention you have in mind. In such cases, the psychic is not at fault but your mindset may disappoint you. Remember it’s not what you want, it’s what you need.


Feel the Vibe of The Session

Someone has rightly said that at times it’s best to follow your gut instincts. The biggest red flag you may come across is the psychic predicting tragedies like untimely death or curses that might have been cast upon you. If you get any sort of indication from the psychic that makes you feel it’s not genuine, it’s best to walk away from the session.

Reputed and genuine psychics will stop the session completely or ask you about how to move forward if they find it difficult to connect with you. Such psychics will not pull a fast one on you just to make some quick bucks since their reputation is on the line. This is how you can separate the wheat from the chaff and tell scammers apart.


Things to Keep in Mind During the Session

Since we are talking about online psychics where anyone can consult any psychic from any part of the world, it’s good to know that you can be scammed as well. One of the telltale ways of spotting a fraud psychic is when they go an extra mile to please you and jump randomly from one topic to another. In such cases, you should probably end the session asap and save your money.

Additionally, if a psychic is making outlandish promises like lifting a curse that befell you or performing a ritual that sounds strange, turn your back and run in the opposite direction. The same concept applies when a psychic is trying to sell you trinkets like some charm or object to protect you from curses or things like that.


Prepare For Accurate Psychic Session

To get an accurate psychic session online, you need to know a few things that will help both you and your healer. Firstly, get this notion out of the head that you need to be physically present to draw tarot cards or look into an orb to get an accurate reading. Some readers are capable of providing an accurate reading by making deep connections with you during the session.

The accuracy of the reading depends on your reader and when they are unable to tap into your deepest thoughts, they might fail. Moreover, apart from connecting to your thoughts, readers also need to be able to read your aura. Therefore, it would be best to find a reader who can give a reading purely from your aura and doesn’t need any physical appearance.


To conclude, pick a psychic based on what you need to know but keep an open mind during the session. Look at different types of readings available and understand which of them will best suit your requirement.


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