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Hailed as “the world’s first bilingual, Latin, all-girl group”, Bella Dose have their sights on world domination.

Comprised of Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany, the group may be well on their way to achieving their goal thanks to the group’s collection of cool, danceable, tunes. Having only formed a short few years ago, Bella Dose have already amassed a following of 1.5 million followers on Tik Tok. The group are keen to make their music accessible to audiences all over the globe, so they have built a repertoire of both english and Spanish songs whilst traversing different genres. Even more impressively, Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany, all sing, dance, and write their own music.

As of last Friday, Bella Dose have shared their latest single SHE. So to celebrate 1883 Magazine spoke with Bella Dose about the new track, social media, and their personal goals for their music.



Hi Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany, congratulations on releasing your new single, SHE. Can you please tell us about the meaning behind the track? 

Thais: Thank you so much. We’re so grateful for all the love we have been receiving. This song is so personal to our hearts. We talk about being human and how we have to normalize having our good and bad days. We want to bring comfort to our listeners and let them know how much we love them and care for their well-being.


The group has been called “the world’s first bilingual, Latin, all-girl group.” When writing new tracks, is it difficult to decide whether to write the material in English or Spanish? How do you decide? What’s the Bella Dose creative process like? You obviously want to stay true to your Latin American roots as well, which is great to see. 

Jennifer: When writing, we go off a beat that the producer shows us or create a new beat with the producer. Writing to us comes very naturally. We don’t really choose which language to write in; it’s basically whichever language flows better with the beat and melody.


Tik Tok has been a huge platform for the group, at the time of writing, Bella Dose has 1.5 million followers, that is a lot of fans! By having such a large following, what would you say the pros and cons are of social media/ TikTok? It must be great to interact with fans, but on the other hand, it could be seen as potentially a lot of pressure/stress. 

Brianna: Social media has a lot of pros and cons, but I would say our biggest pro is definitely the promotion that comes with it. With social media, you can really reach a wider audience with your music, but with that, there can be cons, as in people becoming very personal to your life. Sometimes with social media, it can become very draining.


You actually dropped your debut EP, Suelta, earlier this year. What are your personal favourite songs from the EP and why?

Melany: My personal favourite song from the EP is Si Me Llamas because it is such a girl-power song with a really strong bass, and it resonated with the attitude that comes from the lyrics.

Thais: My favourite song on the EP is Luna because I love the storyline behind it. I’ve always wanted to create a bachata, so it’s so crazy how life works. I also love ‘Suelta’ and ‘Si Me Llamas’ because they hit different. I love the tracks and songwriting on them.

Jennifer: My personal favourite is Si Me Llamas because of how hard the bass hits and the meaning behind the song.

Brianna: My favourite song is Suelta because it promotes confidence within yourself to enjoy the night, living carefree.


Brianna, we have to talk about the fact that the pop artist formally known as Prince mentored you when you were young. How did you find the experience, and what lessons did you learn in particular?

Brianna: Prince was a great mentor in that he showed me the importance of becoming in tune with my music. He inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, such as to learn to play instruments that later became a big advantage in my music.


Do you have any future plans to tour the UK soon?

Melany: Definitely! Once the pandemic has slowed down, and we can safely perform around the world, there is no doubt that we will be heading to the UK for touring!



It’s becoming a growing trend where artists and groups have started releasing songs in different languages, for example in English, in an effort to help gain a wider fanbase across the world. Key examples of this are BTS, Måneskin and yourselves. But it now feels like good music is breaking into different countries no matter what language barrier there is, which is amazing. An example of this is when Billie Eilish collaborated with Rosalía on a song that was only in Spanish. What are your thoughts on this? Would you say your Spanish songs have gone down well with international fans?

Melany: Latin music is such a global genre! Everyone around the world listens to Latin music, and it is such an incredible thing that language barriers are being broken. I would definitely say that our Spanish songs have gone down well internationally by the feedback we’ve received from them. Our song, Si Me Llamas, actually started going viral on Tik Tok, and France and Mexico were very big reasons for that! It’s really cool to see international fans receiving our Spanish songs really well and communicating through music.


Let’s hype up the group, what is one thing that you admire about each other?

Melany: One thing I admire about the girls is how caring they are. They are always down to help someone and are always up for giving advice when someone needs it!

Thais: I admire how happy and positive Jenni is. Her energy is so contagious. I love how sweet Mel is. She always sees the good in people and has a good heart. I love how outgoing and confident Bri is. She knows what she wants and goes for it, no matter what!

Jennifer: I admire how confident Melany is when performing, I love how loving and caring Brianna is, and I love how I can talk to Thais about anything.

Brianna: When I first met the girls, we all clicked naturally because we share the same humour and values. There are so many things I love and admire about each and every girl in the group. Thais, it’s her strength and will that makes her so special. She has taught me how to be stronger and to pursue my goals no matter what obstacles may come my way. Jenni, aaah, she is one of the most charismatic and spirited people I’ve ever met; she’s always in a happy mood no matter what. That’s what I love about her. Melany really showed me how to be in touch with my sensitive side. She showed me how to really understand other people’s emotions and really learn how to communicate.


What would you all individually like to achieve with your music and artistry? What are your goals?

Melany: I would love to get a #1 song on the Billboard Charts with the girls! Representing Latinas around the world, and being a voice for the Latin-American community.

Jennifer: My goal is to one day sell out Madison square garden the way the Beatles did back in the 60s. I want to make timeless music that will positively change the industry and be a great role model for the younger generation coming up.

Thais: In this industry, I would like to achieve being a great role model for the younger generation. I want our music to be people’s “safe place” as well as the music they play when they’re passed the aux. I want us to be the biggest girl group of today’s era, and I hope one day that dream comes true.

Brianna: One thing in our music career I want to achieve is becoming worldwide. All I want to do is perform a concert in a sold-out show In Australia and the next day go to Dubai and sell that one out.


Finally, why should new listeners check out Bella Dose? 

Jennifer: Bella Dose brings a lot of new things to the music industry. Being the world’s first Latin bilingual girl group, we created a new sound mixing in both languages; our sound is a mix of pop and r&b with a Latin flair.



Watch the music video for SHE below. Follow Bella Dose @belladose

Interview by Cameron Poole

Photography by Adi Muhtarevic



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