1883 On Rotation: Beauty School Dropout

LA rock trio Beauty School Dropout curate an exclusive 1883 playlist while supporting blink-182 and Maggie Lindemann on tour.

Beauty School Dropout are not walking the musical paths rock heavyweights first carved out but creating new avenues entirely. With music that’s equal parts powerful and punchy, the LA rock trio has crafted a discography that brings together vulnerable lyricism with high-powered sonics.

Following the release of their debut album We Made Plans And God Laughed last year and, more recently, an 11-date tour with the iconic blink-182, LA rock trio Beauty School Dropout unveil not just their new single dying to be you but curate a playlist of tracks they are listening while on the road across Europe with Maggie Lindemann. 



Ayayai by Daniela Andrade

Ayayai because there’s something so comforting about not understanding the language the lyrics are being sang in but the words sound so beautiful.


Rude and Reckless by The Slackers

Rude and Reckless is a good one to really set the mood if you’re hanging with friends.


lonely bitch by Bea Miller

Lonely Bitch…. Relatable.


Oysters in my Pocket by Royel Otis

Oysters in my Pocket because I’ve been hearing that song for blow up for months not knowing it was my buddy who I met back in Australia while I was couch surfing.


Freak on a Leash by Korn

Freak on a Leash needs no explanation.


Screaming by Loathe

This song feels like what I imagine surfing in the dark feels like. Picture it for a second.


The Summoning by Sleep Token

The Summoning is one of the first songs we’ve heard in a long time that’s over 4 minutes long and keeps you interested in every moment.


Heaven Without You by KID BRUNSWICK

Heaven Without You because we got a sneak peak of it before it came out and have been obsessed ever since.


See You In Hell by Beauty School Dropout

See You In Hell is undoubtedly one of our strongest songs live, the in person drums really bring the song to life when you see it live.


Smash the Gaff by Kid Kapichi

Smash the Gaff because Kid Kapichi slams and they’re our UK counterparts. That was the first song we saw them play live and it’s been a love story ever since.


Territorial Pissings by Nirvana

Territorial Pissings is one of my all time favorite Nirvana songs, again nothing but high energy.


Counting Worms by Knocked Loose

Counting Worms makes me want to start a mosh pit in public.


Pray for Me (with Kendrick Lamar) by The Weeknd

Pray for Me is a 10/10 banger. We love Kendrick’s deep cuts but this one is the choice pick for now.


Lost by Frank Ocean

Lost by Frank can put anyone in a good mood.


Amsterdam by Nothing But Thieves

Amsterdam is simply a masterpiece. We’re hoping we feel the same way about it that NBT does when we go for the first time this summer.



T.L.C. is easily one of turnstiles most explosive songs.


Stay Together For The Kids by blink-182

Stay Together For The Kids has been one of our favourites to watch Blink play every night.


FREAK (feat. jxdn) by Beauty School Dropout

Freak is our most recent single with our boy, jxdn.


YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH by Beauty School Dropout

Yeahyeahyeahyeah is simply one of our favourite songs we’ve ever made, it’s so high energy.


dying to be you by Beauty School Dropout

dying to be you was written about the our struggles with mental health and a constant desire to be someone/something else. As if that would make the problems go away…the fact of the matter is life is a game where you have to play with the cards you were dealt and this song is the realization of that truth.


Check out Beauty School Dropout’s playlist now.


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