Battle Of The Brushstrokes: Tips To Participate In Online Abstract Art Contest

Have you ever thought of participating in an art competition? If you still haven’t, you should because it can be a fantastic idea. It’s a perfect way to help you to:

  • Boost Your Confidence,
  • Enhance Your Career,
  • and Understand Your Art.

These contests serve as stepping stones in your artistic development by giving you a venue to present your works to esteemed juries and acquire acknowledgment for your abilities.

Even if you do not place first in the competition, you will get a chance to gain a lot of knowledge from the experience. Additionally, it will help in your artistic growth and development.

Next, you should know how to enter the art competition properly. What tactics can you use to make sure your work stands out from the competition?

That is why we have compiled some insightful information that will help you resolve this issue. These pointers were created for artists everywhere looking to improve their artistic professions. So, let’s explore the art world and discover some advice for competing in online art contest.


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Tip 1: Define Your Unique Voice

Participating in Competitions for abstract art like canvases will allow you to paint your uniqueness. People always consider their artistic style, including enjoyment, originality, and inspiration.

Therefore, you must establish a distinct personal style to set you apart. The judges’ attention will be drawn to your artwork because of its uniqueness, making it memorable. Keep in mind that the genuine magic of art is oneself.

Tip 2: Understand The Theme and Guidelines

It does not matter which competition you take part in. It will have its own set of guidelines so that an art competition. That is why you must thoroughly read the theme’s criteria before participating. Also, make sure your artwork adheres to the regulations of the organizers and fits the subject.

This demonstrates that you comply with all rules and requirements. You should consider it like constructing a masterpiece under constraints.

Tip 3: Embrace Experimentation

You should always be bold in attempting new things, including unconventional ideas, materials, and processes, and making your artwork distinctive. You can experiment by taking chances and trying novel methods. You must grow and learn from your mistakes.

You should make your art more extraordinary by utilizing your ingenuity. It is essential to remember that the very nature of art is experimentation with various concepts, methods, and subjects. You can succeed in art if you embrace this skill-related feature.

Tip 4: Master Composition Techniques

Making a beautiful composition is similar to creating an overall image for your abstract painting. It considers how the components are positioned, how they interact, and how their contrasts with light and dark, color, and texture are harmonious.

This is also crucial because it increases the spectator’s interest in your artwork. You can use a variety of instruments, such as a simple sketchpad or white paper, to make this composition.

Tip 5: Color & Contrast Mastery

The spark in your artwork comes from contrasts and colors. You can make a stunning visual impact that people will remember by using color and contrast. If you want to create a visually appealing design, you can employ these components at every stage of the creative process, which includes your title, an abstract background, a color scheme, etc.

Yes, also! To enter an online art competition, you must put in much effort to become an expert in this art area. These methods will aid in your skill development and help your work stand out.


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Tip 6: Narrate Your Artistic Journey

Every piece of art has a story to tell. That is why, while creating a skill, you should write a brief statement on how you have completed it, where you got the inspiration, how you put it all together, and what you want viewers to feel. This will make your art engaging and relatable.

This note aids the comprehension of judges about your artwork and demonstrates the consideration you put into it.

Tip 7: Quality Of Your Artwork Matters

When you have produced a stunning piece of art, you just cannot cut corners with the quality of your work. You need to ensure your digital submission has excellent resolution when you submit it. If you want to capture colors and textures accurately, you will need appropriate lighting. If possible, show your artwork from different perspectives to emphasize its three-dimensional qualities.

As a result, if you provide judges with a clear image of your art, then it will assist them in understanding it.



If you are an art enthusiast, you should take your time and not rush when you enter an art competition. You must be cautious and go slowly. You should be patient and relaxed. Rechecking your entry before submitting it to the abstract art competition is essential. But when you have sent it, unwind and put it out of your mind. Your submission may be chosen, or it may not. There is nothing more you can do once it is finished. You should not get upset if you are not selected this time.

The selection of the winning work of art is based on several variables, including the judges’ tastes, the diversity of works submitted, and how they all work together. If you are not chosen right away, you will be when circumstances are different the following time.

So, keep trying, and good luck!


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