Anna Foye – Rattlesnake

British singer/songwriter Anna Foye gets some inspiration from a cunning animal in her new track Rattlesnake.

Weaving delicate melodies with introspective lyrics is something British artist Anna Foye excels at. Her debut collection of work–the 5-track EP I Hope You’re Happy–demonstrates Foye’s knack for creating poignant, powerful soundscapes that showcase not only her talent, but her ability to convey so much emotion and memories through her lyrics. Her focus single Rattlesnake is one that not many have the guts to make, but everyone can relate to its messaging. “Rattlesnake was written as my rebellion song,” Foye describes. “After a lot of confusion about my identity and resentment towards anyone around me who seemed at peace with themselves, I came across a piece of information about rattlesnakes that said ‘rattlesnake skin has a set of overlapping scales, providing protection from threats including physical trauma’ and I thought, ‘fine, if snakes can protect themselves from the world then so can I.”

Hailing from the South coast, Foye has already received acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing and is quietly & steadily making her mark in the music industry as one of England’s best rising talents that’s just ready to strike (pun intended) just like a snake. Rattlesnake is one story that feels as if you’re on the journey with Foye; as intimate as it sounds, the myriad of percussions and instrumentation complements Foye’s rich, lush vocals in a way that doesn’t overpower her at all — just empowers her own vocal performance.

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