Amourlee Review: Is It the Easiest Dating Site to Use

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Dating services were always in high demand, starting from ancient times, and there is no wonder that they are still wanted. The only difference, where once were newspaper pages and paper letters, we now have websites, emails, and chats.

Borders and distances don’t exist on the Web, thus, a decent dating service can match people from opposite sides of the world. The focus of our review is on– a relatively new resource but already a strong player in this area. It is a dating service and a kind of social network that offers users the opportunity to meet that one and only or simply enjoy flirting in a comfortable environment.

Our latest Amourlee Review focuses on the specialization, features, and benefits this resource offers to users. Despite quite a young age, this company has already gained a name among dating services. Is it successful? We’ll see.


Amourlee Overview

The first question for any user is simple: what is Amourlee? – This resource is not on hearing as some other platforms. The primary reason for that is the age – Amourlee is only 3 years old (launched in 2019).

In brief, it is an international online dating service. The female users on it are from Eastern Europe, and male users come from all countries. Amourlee is for those singles who’d like to meet interesting and attractive partners abroad to see how it goes.


What we likeWhat we don’t like
●       User-friendly and highly functional design●       No mobile app (mobile-friendly responsive design)
●       All the necessary and useful features●       All payment methods are personalized
●       Easy and free registration●       The service is young
●       Free services●       Maybe complicated to find the pricing info
●       High protection for users
●       Quite low prices for premium features


The focus on the users’ data protection is what helps Amourlee stand apart. All data is hidden for unregistered visitors – you can only see the basic info about the website and access its Terms and Conditions. To get access to profiles and start communication, you need to register an account.


How to Sign Up to Amourlee

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The registration process on the Amourlee dating platform is very simple. The registration form is located on the index page.

There are two ways of creating an account. Both male and female users can fill in the form or sign up with an existing Google account. The latter option is faster, but many users prefer creating an account from scratch.

To create a new account at Amourlee, one has to provide their name, create a password, provide the email address, specify gender, and accept the terms and conditions. The service does not require any other information from users to make a new account.

The only condition is, you have to provide a valid email address because Amourlee sends a confirmation message to that inbox. The confirmation procedure is standard – click the confirmation link to activate the account. Then, you can use the email address as your Amourlee login whenever you enter the platform.

The activation is instant. A user immediately gets access to female users’ profiles. By default, these are profiles from Trusted users – those users who have passed the identity verification procedure. Getting the Trusted user verification is a separate feature we’ll explore further.

One can start viewing profiles and searching for potential partners at once, even without having own profile on the Amourlee platform. However, it is recommended to make your own profile – it helps the system find the best matches for the user.


 How to Create a Profile on Amourlee

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By default, the Amourlee dating resource offers you to create a profile immediately after registration. You can skip it and fill out your profile later, whenever you wish. The process consists of several stages.

First, the system wants a user to specify their preferences about the partner. We are examining options for a new male user, there are the following ones:

  • A woman who’s good with kids
  • A woman who already has kids
  • Long-term relationships
  • Marriage
  • A penfriend
  • Casual relationships
  • Online flirting

Then, a male user should define the age of the potential partner and the body type.

Further, provide some info about yourself – location, body type, marital status (not married, divorced, or widowed), and occupation. Amourlee also asks the user to describe himself and upload a photo. When it is complete, a new user becomes a full member.

The user’s data is private and secure. And Amourlee algorithms use this information to match them with potential partners.


Amourlee Free and Premium Features

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One of Amourlee’s advantages is that it provides basic functionality free of charge. It is enough to let the user explore this online dating site, understand the scope, and even decide with whom they want to communicate. More features come as premium, on a paid basis.


Free Features

Every user who signs up gets the free member status. This status allows them to do the following:

  • browse profiles of potential matches;
  • view public photos and videos in profiles;
  • add users to favorites;
  • like the profiles and send winks;
  • read chat messages and emails addressed to them.

This way, access to Amourlee features is somehow restricted. More functionality is available under premium features.


Premium Features and Costs

Premium features suggest more activity on the user’s side and wider access to services. Additional functionality comes under the paid model.

The payments for the services are done with Credits – the Amourlee internal “coins.” Users can purchase any number of credits on the balance; the platform accepts payments by cards issued by the international payment systems and Google Pay.

Premium features include:

  • Sending emails;
  • Live chatting;
  • Sending and viewing pictures and videos;
  • Watching live videos;
  • Sending flowers and gifts.

To try services, free members have 20 complimentary credits automatically added to their accounts after registration on the website! When all free credits have been used, users might order the starter’s pack – 20 credits for $2.99. Live chatting costs 2 credits per minute, and Amourlee emails would cost 10 credits per message (it is free to attach photos to letters). Live chatting costs 2 credits per minute, and Amourlee emails would cost 10 credits per message (it is free to attach photos to letters).

Users may set up automated purchases of credits. Currently, there is an option to purchase a new pack of credits for $19.99 automatically when the actual amount of credits run out.

Important: Some of Amourlee’s features can’t be purchased – they are available to Trusted members only. Among them, is the option to exchange contact information, The Trusted status is assigned to users who verify their identities. It requires providing valid IDs and proof of owning those documents. Each request for getting the Trusted status is treated separately and takes time. It guarantees that members can communicate with real people.


How to Use Amourlee

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The website is user-friendly. In your account, you can check your credit balance, check your favorites, and access the profile settings. Also, the service notifies you about chat requests, email messages, winks, and getting into others’ lists of favorites.

When you log into Amourlee, you see lots of profiles on the main page, so you can browse them, and view the public information and photos. If you want to narrow the focus – use the “Search” option which you can see at the top of the page. It has two modes: simple search and extended search.

A simple search does not suggest specific parameters. However, to get started with Amourlee you can apply filters – search for the Trusted users only, and search for those who are online at the moment. It may be suitable if you feel like communicating at once but want to be sure you will meet real people.

Extended search lets you specify your preferences more precisely. Besides age, you can search for users with specific marital status, height, religion, body type, etc., and apply various parameters at once.

The service algorithms will bring you the most suitable matches based on the information you provided after registration and the information from the women’s profiles.

Finally, you can respond to other women’s greetings.


Women’s Profiles on Amourlee

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Every female user provides information about herself. If you click any profile, you will see the details about her age, date of birth, religion, height, and weight, education, occupation, marital status, presence or absence of children, the information about drinking and smoking. Besides, there will be a short description of the woman and a gallery of photos.


How to Start Communicating with Women on Amourlee

Male users can communicate with women using several communication channels:

  • Sending stickers – winks;
  • Email correspondence;
  • Live chatting online.

To start the communication, you may send a wink to the woman whose profile you fancy. If you have credits on your balance, you may send her a message through the live chat or write her an email message. While chatting online and emails are premium paid features, note you won’t pay anything extra for exchanging photos.


User Experience

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What Experts Think of This Site

Kim Williams, Top reviewer

A dating website with social network capacities. Amourlee combines the functionality of both and does it technically well enough. Besides, this website treats security and anonymity issues very seriously which is appreciated by every regular Web surfer.

But don’t expect to get the match made in heaven from this service – it is a dating platform that brings you the same things as many other platforms do: shows you other users who might be interested and lets you get in touch with them. Some attempts are successful, but, at the end of the day, it all depends on luck.

Ben Gregson, Top reviewer

I like the approach – Amourlee focuses on making everything simple and smooth. It is fast and easy to sign up, and it is easy to use the services. The rates are lower than other popular dating websites set. In general, Amourlee is a service with a prospect, and we’ll see if it climbs higher in the future.


Get the Most out of Amourlee

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We hope that this Amourlee review will help you make a decision about which service to use if you are looking for your match. This resource is young and has not gained as much popularity as other websites from a similar area. Still, it is worth your attention.

The possibility to explore a lot on the website for free and the high quality of services are big advantages. You can try this service and decide how it suits you – it won’t cost you much, but you can have a pleasant time and – who knows – your love.



Is Amourlee legit to use the service?

Yes, this platform is legit. It is a company officially registered in the Republic of Cyprus, and you can easily find information about it on the Web. An important factor in defining Amourlee legit is security. This service cares about the users’ safety and convenience. There aren’t any stolen pictures, and the support managers react to complaints immediately.

What free features does Amourlee provide?

Signing up and making a profile is free of charge. A free member can browse women’s profiles, search for possible matches according to specific criteria, like profiles, add them to favorites, and follow them in the newsfeed. To demonstrate your interest, you can send winks. Also, you can read emails and chat messages sent to you to decide if you want to respond to them.

Can I communicate with real people on Amourlee?

Yes, this service has strict policies about identity verification. Every user with the “Trusted” status is a real person who provided the ID and other information and passed the verification procedures successfully. When you apply for this status, site admins check each application separately and verify the person.


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