Amaarae | Live at The Outernet, London

Ghanaian-American songstress Amaarae wowed the audience when she took the stage at her London show.

Supporting her Fountain Baby album, she played two sold-out nights at The Outernet and gave the audience a show and a half.

Known for her eclectic musical style, which fuses her Afrobeats songs with elements of Pop, Rock, R&B, and a variety of musical styles, Amaarae treated fans to an hour-long show, bringing together Fountain Baby and her 2021 debut, The Angel You Don’t Know album.

The show was a perfect blend of moments that had the crowd actively engaged, dancing, and on their feet from start to finish creative artistry as she was able to seamlessly blend her eclectic style of music in a way that connected with the audience. Crowd favourite moments included “Princess Go Digital,” “FANCY,” “Leave Me Alone,” “Co-Star,” and, of course, the ultimate money-creation song, “Sad Girls Love Money.” 

Joined by two musicians on stage, she was able to bring forth the music. Of course, the visual elements tied into the whole flow of the show, mirroring the moments throughout, as well as an outfit change that took place, brought everything together.

As an artist who has never really been one to go with the grain, her uniqueness has always set her apart, from her entry onto the music scene to her debut album, which was unexpected for an Afrobeats artist. 

However, she has always been in her lane and done things her way. The release of Fountain Baby came two years after her debut and followed up in the same vein of being a solid project that stands on its own when you think about the current musical landscape. Set to return to the UK for an appearance at All Points East this summer. Those who didn’t get to catch her will undoubtedly be in for a treat.  

Words Seneo Mwamba

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