A Weekend in Monaco

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In a country that could fit inside Central Park, one in three people has a net worth of at least seven figures. In spite of its cosmopolitanism, the country is accessible and welcoming to outsiders on both a national and economic level. A Monaco vacation doesn’t require you to be a millionaire and you should try it. In addition to being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the principality offers a variety of things to see, eat, drink, and do at relatively reasonable prices-all you have to do is know where to look. It is also famous for its casinos, but if you are not up for traveling you can have a casino experience at home with the new no-deposit casinos.

You can feel like a millionaire, at least for a weekend, in Monaco, the only city that truly makes you feel like one.


Key points:

  • Accommodations
  • The best places to eat
  • Casinos


Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort 


Monte Carlo Bay Hotel is the ultimate place to stay if you’re looking for experience over opulence, especially during the summer months. But don’t be fooled into thinking that means sacrificing aesthetics, since the hotel is nestled on the beach (some rooms open directly to the beachside deck) and the interior was designed with a retro-chic sailor vibe by India Modavi. The high season rate starts at $430/night.


Hôtel Hermitage / Hotel de Paris

While the Hotel de Paris is the ultimate destination in Monaco, the neighboring Hotel Hermitage is more affordable and has a shared spa (which you shouldn’t miss). If you’re heading to Monaco during the winter (rates start at around $320/night), when swimming isn’t such an option, this is a terrific option.


The best neighborhoods for Airbnbs 

If you’re looking for affordable home-sharing in Monaco, you can choose Monte-Carlo, which is convenient to the central shopping districts and casinos, or La Condamine, near the old town and other tourist attractions.


The best places to eat


One of the newest restaurants in the city, Mada’One is located in the newly constructed One Monte Carlo building. Martinique-native, Michelin-starred chef Marcel Ravin’s eclectic cuisine is excellent at this modern lounge. Breakfast, lunch, or pre-dinner snacks and drinks are perfect here.


Marche de la Condamine

The indoor-outdoor food hall was first opened in 1880 and offers a wide variety of cuisines. One favorite stall is Le Comptoir, which serves standard bistro fare. When you stop by on your way to the old city/Place du Palais, find a stall selling socca, a popular chickpea-flour crepe. There is also a gourmet market for evening dinner, which is called “Halle Gourmande.”



Casino de Monte Carlo

Due to its iconic status as the original casino of Monte Carlo, it has become synonymous with James Bond over the years. In addition to its lavish décor and ornate ceilings, the casino hosts a variety of table games, including baccarat, which immediately brings to mind images of the infamous spy. The casino is renowned for its rich history in media and is an integral part of Monaco’s culture. Keep in mind to wear a tuxedo or party dress!


Sun Casino

In comparison to the Casino de Monte Carlo, the Sun Casino is worlds away from tuxedos and pomp. At this laid-back venue, you’re welcome to play games in shorts and sandals. You can often experience this type of night by listening to live DJs that help you feel as though you’re on a sun, sea, and sand holiday. Even so, beware, there is a wide selection of games, including blackjack and three-card poker. This casino is perfect if you are a laid-back person and don’t want to have to dress up while still enjoying a unique casino experience.

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