a l l i e

Toronto born singer-songwriter a l l i e has been capturing listeners with her intricate r&b sounds and empowering lyrics since her debut EP, Strange Creature, released in 2013.

Her latest release, hi-lite, feels dreamy and nostalgic; it’s definitely a song you want on your Sunday morning playlists. The music video for hi-lite, premiering today exclusively on 1883, is just as stunning as the single itself. 

When asked about the story of the music video, a l l i e states “I went down to Jamaica with one of my best friends, and our idea was to create a visual diary of our trip. Portland is one of the most beautiful and untouched parishes on the island, and we really wanted to convey the joy we felt staying in our little cabin on the hill at Mango Ridge. We shot, directed and edited it ourselves so that we could show a different side of Jamaica that most tourists never see.  I was so thankful for a chance to get more deeply in touch with my roots, experience the peace that comes with simplicity and just exist and create with my friend in paradise.”

For more info visit www.alliemoves.com

By Kelsey Barnes @kelseyjbarnes

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASYeO9N__aA[/embedyt]

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