A Guide to Choose Tiles for Your Home

In the intricate dance of design, tiles reign supreme as the material of choice for a stunning and functional space. Whether you’re starting in a new home or redefining the old, the right wall and floor tile can unlock the door to your perfect haven. From classic ceramic to the enduring beauty of marble tiles, bringing dreamy design ideas to life is within reach.

As you stand on the threshold of possibilities, a few considerations will set you on the right path to creating a sanctuary tailored to your unique taste. In this guide, we share tips on choosing tiles for your home.

  • Consider the intended space and intended use

Think about the purpose and function of the area or room. What would be the best tile qualities for the intended space? Durability and suitability go a long way to help you refine your search.

While some floor tiles can be for wall application, tiles rated for wall use should not be installed on floors. Flooring tile has to be slip-resistant and hardwearing enough to withstand weight. This is especially important for a high-traffic and high-impact area like the living room, kitchen, and outdoor.

In picking material for wet areas, consider the tile’s porosity. Porcelain tile is an excellent water-resistant choice that ensures optimum hygiene. Ceramic walls and floors are sought after for durability, style versatility, and varying price points. Glass mosaic tiles are water-resistant, easy to clean, and a perfect fit for showers and swimming pools. For marble tiles to thrive in a wet area, regular sealing is necessary to guard against water damage and staining.

  • Think about the aesthetic you’re aiming for

Tiles can make or break the room’s appeal. Take a moment to think about your design vision. Are you looking to set a classic or modern vibe? Will your new tiles harmonize with the room’s other design elements? Floor and wall tiles are available in many styles, so crafting a space that’s a true reflection of your distinct taste is possible.

  • Dive into the world of tile color

Endless color options give you the liberty to keep it as subtle or as bold as you desire. Muted neutrals are great for a soothing ambiance. They add sophistication, brighten the room, and provide a backdrop to accessorize with pops of color.

Dark tiles can also be dramatic, mysterious, or enveloping. They are a great fit for busy rooms since they hide marks and dirt better. Large gray floor tiles are prevalent in living rooms and bedrooms and lend timeless flair. Black wall tiles in kitchen design pair beautifully with rich wood tones to evoke a warm and inviting feel.

For the more daring homeowner, there are vibrant colors to explore. From punchy yellow to eye-catching pink tiles, bold choices add a lively splash to a quiet scheme. You can go any direction you please with your color choices. A rule of thumb is to stick to no more than 3 tile styles so as not to overwhelm or create visual clutter.

  • Don’t overlook tile size and pattern

To choose a tile size, start by considering the size of the room. Large format tiles, such as 24×48 inches, create a sense of more space. Dainty mosaics produce an intricate pattern that adds depth and dimension. They’re also an ideal finish for uneven surfaces or those hard-to-reach places. Tile pattern with vertical lines add an illusion of a higher ceiling. While horizontal lines widen the walls of a narrow room.

  • Order samples from a reputable tile store

Seek a tile store with a wider variety of product offerings and price ranges so you can explore many options that fit within your budget. Shopping for tiles online provides convenience, but make sure to compare prices and read customer reviews.

Before buying tiles, it’s always a good idea to order samples. This helps you visualize how they look in your space. Does the marble hexagon tile mosaic you’ve had an eye on coordinate with other elements? Or would you rather go for a wood-look backsplash for an authentic vibe? This step will help you choose tiles that complement your home the best.

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