A Complete Guide to Custom Printed Boxes

Boxes are the most important for selling any product. Initially, their purpose was to provide protection only. However, with the invention of printing, the boxes continued to innovate, and today they are also a major source of brand identity creation.


Custom Printed Boxes

These are the boxes on which the logo and name of the brand are written. Moreover, you may also write detailed product information that will help guide the customers. Brands design their boxes in particular formats that help embellish them and increase the visual appeal before the customers. Boxes are a great tool for marketing your products as well. They can get the customers’ attention and convince them to buy the products.


Advantages of using Custom Printed Boxes

The numerous advantages of customized printed boxes are the major reason for their wide use. The following are some key points that will also convince you about their importance:

Easy Display: These boxes allow you to display your brand information before customers easily. You may print anywhere on the box and convey your message to the customers. You will not have to insert an extra note to provide product information, as the box is enough for this.

Long-lasting: The boxes are made according to the product and are durable and long-lasting. The material used for their formation may vary with the products to be suitable for a particular product’s weight and texture.

Economical: The boxes are economical because they save you from the cost of printing pamphlets for providing product information. Moreover, the customization feature allows you to make boxes according to your budget.


The Relation between Products and Custom Printed Boxes

Custom printed boxes are the best option for packaging products because of their easy customization. The following points will convince you to get box printing services for your product packaging.

Boost your sales: The boxes can help boost your sales by getting the customers’ attention. They would be attracted to the boxes’ amazing design and ultimate finishing.

Inform the Customers: You can print the information related to your products and brand on the box. This will serve as a guide for the customers. Moreover, you may also introduce yourself and your brand story to the customers through boxes. Hence, boxes will serve as communication channels between the customers and the brands.

Go for a Professional Look: Designing special boxes for your products will give your brand a professional image. Use decent font styles and attractive shades to enhance these looks.

Innovate: Boxes will help you innovate your brand name in the market and give a unique experience to the customers.

Product Protection: Sellers are always concerned about protecting their products; boxes help ensure this. If the products are extra-sensitive, you may write a caution on the box to handle the box with care.


Varieties of Custom Printed Boxes

The types of printed boxes vary according to the material used for their making. The following are the major types:

Corrugated Boxes: The triple-layered corrugated material helps protect your products inside the box. You may print anything on its outer surface.

Paperboard Rigid Boxes: These boxes are suitable for electronic items, books, and other lightweight products.

Folding Cartons: These boxes are easy to assemble and are best for shipping items. They are light in weight and affordable.

Gift Packaging: You may print special notes on this packaging for your customers. They are the best option for gift giving. They are mostly available in standard size.


Customizing the Printed Boxes

You may customize your box according to your particular product need and requirement. The following are the available options that can prove to be of great help to you:

Get Professional Assistance: If you want your box to get customer recognition, you may take help from professional designers. They are experts at designing and will customize your brand according to your image.

Material Selection: Select suitable materials for the box so that they would be able to protect your products. Make sure that they are high quality and durable.

Ask for a Sample: It is always safe to ask for a sample before placing the final order for your packaging. In this way, you will get to know if the packaging is according to your expectations. You may make changes to it if you do not find it suitable.


The Selection of the Right Box

You may follow the tips mentioned below to create your desired custom printed boxes:

Customer Choice: A good box is made according to the choice of the customers. It has the magnetism to convince customers to buy the products.

Think about the Budget: The sky’s the limit when designing custom printed boxes. You will get all the customizations that you like. Hence, keep your budget in mind when you are designing a box.

Represent your Brand: The boxes need to represent your brand. Hence, consider your brand image in the market before you choose the box style.



This blog has provided you with a complete guide about custom printed boxes. You can design them according to your brand image and then use them as a marketing tool to get the customers’ attention.


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